‘Carpenter’s Cult’ is the latest spooktacular album by Lester Greenowski, with 13 songs inspired by 13 titles from the work of American filmmaker John Carpenter.

Its seventies New York punk rock (Ramones, Heartbreakers, Dictators etc.) and hard rock of the same period (AC / DC, Kiss, Cheap Trick etc.), Influences that have always been present in Lester’s work but this time the concept is a tip of the hat to John Carpenter opening with the crash, bang wallop of ‘Halloween’ no messing straight down to business Mr. Myers would undoubtedly applaud this.

With a list of band that suit Carpenters work and also sit nicely in the genre of music that Lester is steeped in the likes of the Misfits, Lords Of The New Church, Fuzztones, The Beat, The Plimsouls, 20/20 etc. all help weave the tapestry that makes Lesters music so identifiable and all fit in nicely to a Carpenter homage fest. Horror punk and psycadelic outsiders all help when thrown into the spooky pot.

Released on Rocketman Records, it features the help of Matteo Bassoli from Me And That Man on bass, guitars and synths; Davide Furlani on drums, SJ Aschieris from The Rocker on guitars and many other guests. Greenowski as well as being the author of music and lyrics is feautured on bass, synths, piano and obviously vocals.

Lester’s love for cinema and punk rock n roll is the perfect marriage for this project. Songs like ‘Prince Of Darkness’ mix well with their power pop roots alongside the darker more punk rockier leanings of ‘Vampires’. ‘Assault On Precinct 13’ is a snotty Ramones thrash through in ninety seconds but next to the new wave of ‘They Live’ works really well.

With every other song being a short sharp blast of punk rock makes the album flow well then throwing hooks left right and center. The keyboard fills on ‘Village Of The Damned’ add texture that helps to break up the record from sounding one-directional and tossing in flavours for every taste, ‘Big Trouble In Little China’ is a chartworthy bop of Punk N Roll. Ending the album with the anthemic ‘The Fog’ ties everything in nicely making sure nothing is mist (See what I did there?) A fantastic concept and tip of the hat to Mr. Carpenter from the very talented Mr. Greenowski. Go check it out kids punks and rockers alike as well as you film fans its a win win!

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Author: Dom Daley