Sick of paying silly money for a major studio vinyl reissue of an album that you really don’t need to listen to ever again? Hail Satan, then, for a real splatter platter that matters; a long player thoroughly deserving of finally getting a vinyl release.

‘Torture Rock’, the second album from Brooklyn’s own Chesty Malone and the Slice ’em Ups (originally released in 2011), will be released on vinyl for the first time this April. Available on Red & White, Red & Black Splatter, along with Classic Black Vinyl, ‘Torture Rock’ is being reissued by Boise, Idaho’s most evil record label – 1332 Records.

The album was recorded in Fall 2009 at Queens, NY studio Wild Arctic by engineer, Shawn Kimon, and featured maniac drummer, Angel Cotte (Demolition Hammer) who said that recording ‘Torture Rock’ was “the best experience of my life!”

Originally released on just CD and streaming platforms, this long-awaited vinyl release has the band pretty excited. “‘Torture Rock’ is finally coming out on vinyl,” singer Jaqueline Blownaparte commented, “…just like the Devil intended!”

The album’s artwork has been faithfully recreated from the original elements of the CD release by artist, Anthony Allen Begnal: “Since that album was sized for a CD cover originally, it was obviously way too small so I had to go searching through all my various flash drives to find the original pieces that I used for the artwork back then. I still have the painting I did and the cover photos, and I reached out to an old friend, photographer Holly Neil, to get some band pics she took right around the time the album was recorded. It took some doing but I think it came out great – slightly different from the CD, but also completely faithful to the time that the album was recorded.”

‘Torture Rock’ saw the Slice ’em Ups expanding on the old school American hardcore vibe of the band’s first album, ‘Now We’re Gonna See What Disaster Really Means!’. Guitar player Anthony Allen Van Hoek commented, “Our first album was a total hardcore record at heart, and with ‘Torture Rock’ we had the perfect drummer in Angel Cotte to add a lot of our crossover and thrash metal influences too. We poured everything we had at the time into that album!”

As ‘Lucifuge’ was to Danzig, ‘Torture Rock’ is to Chesty Malone and the Slice ’em Ups. It slaughtered all who listened to it unlike any thrasher has done before. Available for the first time on vinyl, do yourself a favour and grab this iconic horror hardcore masterpiece and soak yourself in its bloody embrace!

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Author: Gaz Tidey