Our favourite Norweigan cock rockers Razorbats were so busy partying and celebrating they forgot to send the Promo for their new long player to their favourite UK website. Yeah, we know it’s only Rock n Roll baby but we should have been invited to the party.

This brand new album kicks off in true Razorbats style with fireworks and cheerleaders kicking high kicks whilst the band drive by in an open-top Cadillac covered in scantily clad ladies and dry ice with explosions left right and centre as they celebrate the opening track and first single we heard a while back of ‘Break Up The Band’ its bombastic – loud – cock fuckin rock o’clock baby and we love it! They love singing about Rock n’ Roll and the trappings as the twin guitars squeal and howl over the rock-solid rhythm – pure Razorbats. Big chorus’, even bigger harmonies and a sound somewhere between Twisted Sister and Turbonegro a heap of 70s glam for good measure some Cooper n T rex and just a sprinkling of Cheap Trick dancing to the best of Kiss will have you in just the right ball park.

They aren’t expanding their envelope or going techno to get new listeners they are playing to their strengths and writing solid rockers and radio-friendly hard rock none more evident than the second track ‘Only In America’ born to be played across the States. ‘Shotgun Wedding’ is a real shit kickers from the growling riff to the gang vocals on the beer soaked chorus its a winner all the way.

‘Edie’ is the slow dance retro classic stepping off the gas and cruising. Not a band to pander to gender sensitive modern times. Razorbats like to keep it simple and its leather jackets, denim jeans boy meets girl and wham bang thank you man. ‘Love Is For Suckers’ will take you back to the 80s if only you could get yer nan to sew on those beer towels to your jeans and your battle jacket still fitted you this would be one you’d turn up and wave those horns in the air like you just don’t care and swing your full head of hair like a windmill – drink it up boys ‘coz love is for suckers.

Doubleing down with ‘Scandinavian Girls’ sees Razorbats do what they do best with a filthy throbbing bass line humping away as the steady rhythm drives this sucker home. ‘Kiss Me’ is the penultimate offering on this impressive record with more big vocals and infectious chorus before the lighters go up for the whistle in the wind ballad of ‘Seventeen’ looks back on the good ole misty eyed days of yesteryear.

Once again congratulations to our favourite Oslo rockers living the dream and making music that puts a smile on your face exactly how it was meant to do. Buy It!

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Author: Dom Daley