Penny Rich, a three-piece punk band from Cardiff, Wales, Their Strong evocative melodies and lyrics to match speak to us all. They were formed in 2016 from a shared passion for 90’s Grunge and Noise, which isn’t a bad place to start in my book. The album opens with some raw cold guitars scratching at your speaker before a Therapy? Heavy explosion of Riffs. Their sound is dark, grey and very metallicly cold (not making sense? Once the sounds climb out of your speakers you’ll be on board – trust me)

The production is sparse in a concrete kind of way as the guitars weave hypnotic patterns. the band has a good energy in their songs like ‘Last Meal’ as it pulverises you into submission. there is obvious influential references musically all over the place none more evident that the ‘Bleach’ era Nirvana of ‘Sugar Pill’ they hit upon a good groove as well which helps the song throb.

I particularly like ‘S.P.A.’ its got some great energy and reminds me of the early 90s and listening to NomeansNo and Fugazi very loudly and just submerging myself into the music and seeing where it takes me. ‘P.C’ is a great riff and I love the recklessness of it thrashing about from the intro. I’m sure having that bass throb pounding your chest in a tight club would be impressive and to be fair it works on the stereo as well. ‘Stasis’ is something of an alternative interlude of punk rock poetry before handing the batton over to ‘If Everyones An Expert Then Whats Left To Be Learnt’ and its frantic dash to the finish line. only leaving ‘Down River’ to dust off a pretty impressive album and one that has depth and quality throughout.

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Author: Dom Daley