Anyone who can see further than the end of their nose will be aware that Mr Matlock’s musical output has been nothing short of outstanding. From his contribution to the Bollocks album right through the Rich Kids and into a very impressive solo output, Matlock has ended up raging against the machine, spouting sense on TV lately about our current government and crazy decisions and acts of self harm that have been manipulated into many people’s noggins that its the right thing to do.

Matlock has always seen the wood for the trees and has always been able to turn those views and beliefs into palatable music and performances. From ‘Good To Go’ or ‘Born Running’ he delivers excellent records whilst other former bandmates get the fanfare for delivering very little but not around the corridors of RPM Online we know the real deal and who delivers the goods.

This latest offering from Matlock kicks off quite literally with the spikey and right-on-the-money, ‘Head On A Stick’. Lyrically on point, and pulling no punches he’s kicking against the pricks and all power to him because he’s wrapped it up in a bloody good tune as well.

‘Consequences Coming’ is the sound of a man whos reaching the end of his tether with stupid people and stupid situations led by stupid people and I like it it works well for him and is bringing the best out of him that’s for sure. Coming out swinging the title track carries a strong melody with a great lyric. It would be easy for an artist like Glen Matlock to just say fuck it I’m alright Jack but the gap between his last record and this has fired him up (and rightly so).

The guitars are kept raw and the songs are rockin’. There is a swagger to this record Matlock knows he can write a tune when he wants to and ‘Magic Carpet Ride’ is a great example of this. He’s not reinventing the wheel here just rolling with it and writing excellent songs with it. The groove of ‘Speaking In Tongues’ works well as the band he’s assembled are delivering in spades. the curveball of adding a KD Lang cover mid album also works well as the record needed a change of gears and his vocal is excellent.

‘Step In The Right Direction’ is a handclapping stomper as more fuel is poured on the fire. ‘Something About The Weekend’ carried the torch with a really good rhythm showing you can make an angry album but still have a fuckin great time doing it. ‘Face In The Crowd’ introduces some power pop to proceedings which is something he’s always done. He can write a great melody and has surrounded himself with a band that can deliver his vision be it aggressive or a softer, more pop rock. A Glen Matlock delivers a record that covers a lot of bases both musically and lyrically and he always hits the mark, it’s not luck it’s judgment and class how he managed to make so many great records and this latest offering is going to be right up there with his best records. From the first few spins it resonated and as I’ve got more familiar with it it’s gotten better and better – damn he even does a slow dance doo wap in the shape of ‘Tried To Tell You’ and it wreaks of authentic 50s chops from the brush of the snare to the heart bleeding solo and best of all it doesn’t sound out of place on this record.

Leaving the final two cuts to be classic Matlock rockers ‘This Ship’ is cutting through choppy water with consummate ease and Matlock’s torch is burning as bright as it did the day he wrote Anarchy fifty years ago and I love that. Glen Matlock’s ‘Consequences Coming’ is a must-hear album. Buy it, play it, love it!

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author: Dom Daley