21 REMIXES OF SONGS FROM THE BAND’S NEW ALBUM ‘SEE THROUGH YOU’ BY TRENTEMØLLER, ANDY BELL (RIDE), SONIC BOOM, XIU XIU, ANNIE HART (AU REVOIR SIMONE), bdrmm, TV PRIEST AND MORE. Record Store Day exclusive thats maybe not so exclusive and also getting a digital release in June. After a very busy 2022, which saw the release of their critically acclaimed new album ‘See Through You’, as well as the re-release of their expanded and remastered seminal album ‘Exploding Head’.

I have to say, wading through twenty one remixes is almost self harm by trying to explode ones brain or frying it with industrial remixes and head fuckin tweeks and reverb. From the opener ‘I’m Hurt’ you get all the tweeks and drills you could desire over the throbbing bassine but thats just the beggining.

The Dedstrange Rogues’ Gallery of Remix Producers joins forces with renowned Danish Electronic Composer TrentmøllerAndy Bell of legendary shoegaze band Ride (as Glok)post-punk anti-heroes Xiu Xiu, the luminescent Annie Hart of hypnotic synth trio Au Revoir Simone (Twin Peaks: the Return), psychedelic guitar genius Sonic Boom (Spacemen 3, Spectrum, UK Post Punks TV Priest, Tampa’s Goth band Glove, UK emerging shoegazers bdrmm and many more to tear down the walls between Oliver Ackermann’s dreams on the remix album ‘See Through You: Rerealized‘, an RSD-exclusive 2xLP set on red and blue vinyl featuring twenty-one brand-new, spicy hot takes on songs from the sixth A Place To Bury Strangers album, ‘See Through You’.

To be fair, this record is very listenable in most places and letting it wash over you is possibly a good way to go if electronic music isn’t quite your bag, but appreciating different forms of music is good for the soul. If you don’t want to take my word for it hit up the link and go to their Bandcamp page where you can find the remixes ready for your very own house party. I wouldn’t claim to going big on remixes but I have bought my fair share of 12″ records where bands try our remixes and this is a lot in one place. If you own ‘See Through You’ and loved it then this is something that might well have appeal to you if you’re looking for A place To Bury Strangers way in might I be so bold as to point you in the direction of their Dead Moon covers record that might be your way in to this, Good luck I’m off to wave some glow sticks in the air and get down to some ‘ReRealized’ action – wheres my whistle?

You can also catch the band on tour as part of their – DESTROY INTO THE FUTURE TOUR – TICKETS

Author: Dom Daley