A sweet five-track introduction to all things Baby Schillaci is here. Pressed on a limited edition 100 copies this bad boy might be one of those rare edition musical items that become legend. Apparently, two of the tracks won’t make it to the digital world either so grab one while you can or hell why not attend one of their shows and pick up a copy?

Kicking off with the exceptional ‘Radical’ like some fucked up ‘Subteranian Homesick Blues’ for the generation Xers with an aggressive chorus and lick on the old six strings its well constructed and really well delivered I especially love the simple yet on the money guitar break that lets the song breath and leave the listener knowing they’ve just heard a really good opener on a really good EP.

Seconds out round two is the punchy ‘Be Mine’ with the boredom nialism that served early Manics so well with a snatch of prime Nirvana thrown in for good measure but the Nirvana that was hungry and up for the fight. Has a great breakdown with plenty of grunt in the rhythm section from the tub thumping to the bass grunt that drives into the solo for an all round impressive song.

Seeing as it’s only five songs, I might as well break down track three and ‘Dead Wrestlers’ is in for some top rope action from the industrial mash up the tension begins before a snotty riff rides in. Don’t tap out as the snot is wiped away and replaced with some more laddish britpop break before diving back in fo rroyal rumbling, another impressive song.

‘So bad’ would be my pick of the pops with its snare crack and distorted bass thump whilst the whispered vocals create some good audio moods whilst the guitars scratch away at your ear letting in this thumping earworm – excellent song and the guiding light on this rather impressive EP. Leaving just the ‘Spit’ to wipe away any doubt that this impressive EP will impress all who come across it. The retro melody of the acoustic guitar is like Bowie grooving on some Numan experiment, dark and brooding and hitting all the right notes.

five tracks is just about right. Not To much and not to little leave em wanting more is always a good place to start. Check these Swansea boys out and get em to play a show in your town you wont regret it and you wont regret spending a few quid on this very impressive slab of post punk alternative Rock n fuckin’ Roll. Gercha!


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Author: Dom Daley