Poison Boys – ‘Steamroller’ (Self Relese) Woohoo! turn that stereo up! Poison boys aren’t messing around as they crash in on a stinkin riff and proceed to steamroll (yup) you inot submission. Of course this slice of unadulturated rock n roll is out pick of the pops for this session. Fuckin class dirty street punk n roll go buy it! These guys first came to our attention when they released a top single on NFT records and have kept turning in top notch Punk n Roll ever since and with this latest tune they show no sign of slowing down or writing anything below Grade A weapons.

Hurricane #1 – ‘Tonight’ (Golden Robot Records) Rolling in on a catchy melody these rockers are mixing indie with hard rock and this particular earworm is hopefully the first of many. Its lifted from an album the band claim to be a amalgamation of everything they love about rock n roll mixing melody with rock and moving from the greats like the beatles, Stones to the Stooges which is some ride. If they do capture the spirit of those bands then this is the tip of a particularly big iceburg. We wait with baited breath. Bring it on.

The Bellrays – ‘Ball Of Confusion’ (i94 Recordings) Everytime I’ve seen the Bellrays live they’ve pretty much blown me away with their performance which is never less than 100% and in frontwoman Lisa Kekaula they have a voice of pure punk rock n soul that is unique and utterly fabulous even if she were reading a train timetable. They own this Temptations classic and turn it into a Bellrays live classic no doubt. Flip it over and its an original song ‘I Fall Down’. The Bellrays don’t make bad records and i-94 don’t release bad records this is therefore a no brainer – Buy it!

Shop Talk – ‘The Offering EP’ (Mon Amie Records) Heres a smart Brooklyn based band knocking out five tunes on their latest relese. Its punk rock baby with a melodic slant. The opener comes in borrowing the Dead Boys Sonic intro (if you know you know) but it races off in a different direction and one we like here in the Singles Club. ‘Mirage Of Love’ sees the three punks tearing it up with something mashed up from The Gun Club meets say a bit of DK’s an odd comparison maybe but there is a lot going on here and their DNA is clearly made up from some wonderful places. All in all a really decent EP we are glad we stumbled across.

Klubber Lang – ‘Warhound’ (Fifa Records) Dublin noise makers ride in on a thumping bass line before the vocals wail in sounding like a cross between Johnny Rotten spitting out a lyric borrowed from Therapy? It’s a menacing Knockout tune (see what I did there?) as Warhound is drooling and snarling at the leash. A pretty decent single to be fair and made me want to investigate more from this powerful quartet.

Hot Breath – ‘Keep On Calling’ (The Sign Records) Following the release of the single, HOT BREATH will perform at one of Sweden’s leading festivals, Sweden Rock Festival, as well as Germany’s Enzo Festival. Besides this, the four-piece has a handful of other electrical shows booked. It’s retro baby as the band embraces what brought them together and helped them create music. Great video as well

Unfair Fate – ‘When Silence Falls’ (Wormholedeath) Sometimes here at RPM we like to go a bit metal thrashing mad and today is that day as Unfair Fate deliver the metal and we windmill like theres no tomorrow. Its unoriginal, macho and got Slayer riffs left right and centre so whats not to like? The lyrics revolve around themes like substance addiction, nuclear war, and letting loose the darkness within oneself so thats a Thrash Bingo House shout out there in one fuckin song! Hail Satan and it would have been a full house. They come from Sweden and there is only three of them making this unholy racket. They have an album out this month and we will be all over that as well. Get ready for Unfair Fate, they Rock Like Fuck!

The Lambrini Girls – You’re Welcome’ (Big Scary Monsters) raucous, shouty punk rock straight outta the mean streets of Brighton. the Lambrini girls are raging against the machine and making a pretty decent racket to be fair. ‘Van Man’ is pissed off and whilst this is a singles club ‘White Van’ wouldn’t do the band justice by only showcasing one track. Sure it’s like a pebbled beach version of Amyl meets Bikini Kill with some L7 thrown in for good measure but to be fair they’re more shouty and angry than all of those put together, and why the fuck not. I’ll be watching them tear it up supporting Iggy at the Palace where I will be in the pit throwing myself around to ‘Help Me I’m Gay’ in all its noisy glory. Short, sharp, blunt force is always good and Lambrini Girls do Blunt Force very well. If you think there is room on this record for a little light relief from all the anger and fucked offness then you have the wrong record in your hand. From the opening rage of ‘Boys in The Band’ it’s showing Idles how to do rage. ‘Lads Lads Lads’ is the sound of the roof caving in. What a top EP