I was sat eagerly flicking through one of my lists I like to compile of what to look out for with regards to new albums being released over the coming weeks/months and Bruise Control was in bold capital letters and highlighter (old school pen and paper see) so I looked them up and saw it was TNS that was releasing it so I knew it was going to be good because they put out awesome records by Wonk Unit and Pizzatramp and they are a not for profit operation so any band aligning themselves to such a label must have a moral compass and be moving in the right direction.

Place my order and press play. Bruise Control hail from Manchester for those who don’t know it’s a Northern cosmopolitan hub where the arts thrive and creative people crawl out of every alleyway and high rise and Bruise Control is the latest deserving of your ears and time. Causing a stir on the live scene this debut long player is where we’re jumping in seeing as we missed their recent show closest to us. ‘Useless’ begins with a vibrant track entitled ‘Useless’ and as it thrashes along nicely its just lulls you into a UK Hardcore kinda sound where clean guitars thrash away over a gentle distortion as the rhythm section kicks the shit out of the instruments its a great sound as it twists and turns wrapped around a throbbing bass line and vocalist Jim Taylor carries the melody and ranging from proper hardcore shouting to real singing its got every emotion possible creating a fresh sound that is engaging and inspiring.

My only complaint is there are only nine songs on offer – I’m greedy and when a record is this good I want more and then some. ‘Bottom Feeder’ turns up the heat as it thrashes to the finish line in double quick time.

The band genre jumps from hardcore to some 80s/90s indie inspired by the likes of Pavement I’d imagine ‘Taxman’ is a dancefloor filler and one the pit can throw their arms aloft on the gang vocal repeats. A lot of this has been released previously on eps and singles it’s superbly organised and ebbs and flowswell. ‘Dead On Arrival’ is hypnotic in its vocals and I love the call and sing back on the chorus (of sorts) then the drum rolls and skank of that guitar as the song heads into the distance, great stuff.

In these tough times here on Shit Island with an awful government taking the piss and morons everywhere falling for the bullshit I was left wondering where the youth are to kick us up the arse and rebel and ask if we can have a better alternative to lies, greed, cheating, conniving, self-serving it’s not much to ask maybe I could tolerate it if there was a movement and loads of bands filling the void kicking against the pricks and Bruise Control have certainly stepped forward with their six and four string weapons in hand and a microphone shouting from the rooftops to save us all from the Tories – their garage punk hardcore indie hybrid is refreshing not because it’s anything new but because their songs are bloody excellent and deserve to be heard.

Now get down to some ‘Disco Fury’ tops, waving them around your head while tooting your whistle with denim cut-offs and high tops are tearing it up. This is the soundtrack and it’s banging!

Bruise Control have released one of the best alternative vibrant exciting records of the year make no mistake. Lets have it!

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Author: Dom Daley