It’s been a while I’ll give you that. One man Trash Rock n Roller Kevin K has released a bazillion self released albums over decades and its been a whilse since we heard from the man and then an email hits the virtual doormat with a thud and low and behold its only a new long players from da Man containing his heaviest bunch of lo-fi tunes to date.

He’s been leaning on the fact that these tunes are his heaviest songs in a Blackest of Sabbath way and as soon as the title track kicks in you get his drift. Kevin took himself to Detroit to record in a cold dark basement just to set the tone and boy has it shaped these tunes. In an age where you can produce a piece on pro tools in your toilet if you so wish and get amazing results but Kevin heads to the basement and digs up a tascam four track and buries it in the dirt then digs it up and then begins recording. Twelve songs the next as dark as the previous taking a heavy metalic goth sledgehammer to each track.

‘Broken’ is heavy distorted riff-a-rama but heres the thing its not a giant leap his vocal is instantly recognisable for fans of his work and the solo is sweet whilst the drum machine plays on behind the wall of fuzz its a cool riff and a great way to kick off the album.

Kevin pays tribute to one of the finest bands ever to walk the planet with ‘The Lords Of The New Church’ not a new idea one that Michael Monroe did very well on his solo path and an idea that Stiv did with the Dolls so full circle is done and I do like the use of the tracks riff. ‘Wrong Way To Hell’ is an aggressive little bugger and I also like the riff on this I can imagine this done in a studio with a real live band and a big production being a bit of a beast and the melody is really good.

The theme follows throughout with strong vocal melodies from the Double K with fuzzed up fucked up guitar riffs kicking the tunes out of your speakers with less abrasive vocals from KK. In a dark Hellhammer kinda way ‘Prayers Of Life’ bursts into life.

The lyrics tread familiar ground for Kevin but you knew that but the change here is trading in those Thunders licks n fills for a blunt trauma forced guitar hitting your speakers with little finesse and it actually works for Kevin. The album gets a little lost midway with the same tempo and drum sound and beats but ‘Winter 22’ soon sets that to rights. Something as a little interlude ‘Winter 22’ is some light relief before heading back into the darkness with ‘Catacomb Heart’ a rolling solaplex punch of a riff over a staggering stuttering beat before a brief dark bridge and then heading back into the darkness. Excellent song.

The record signs off with a one man assault on the Dead Boys classic ‘Caught With The Meat In Your Mouth’ that ends as abruptly as this record begins. A cool experiment from Kevin K and over all it actually bloody works. Dive in summon the beast and let some darkness into your world. Kevin K did and made a record.

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Author: Dom Daley