Salut mes copains! Summer is here with a vengeance, at least in south west France. So, here come Les Lullies to inject some punk n roll goodness into your life. Warning; this is almost entirely sung in French. While their previous releases were mainly in English, don’t let this put you off. It isn’t necessary to understand the lyrics, even if they occasionally take on more serious subjects this time round. What matters is the tunes, and kicking off with the title track, =‘Bad Faith’, this should satisfy any fans of The Boys. It actually comes on like a punkier Téléphone (take my word for it), with a hint of the mighty Giuda.

‘Pas De Regrets’ is even more melodic, touching on The Flamin’ Groovies, certainly a more mature sound, but not straying too far from their blueprint. ‘Ce Que Je Veux’ (What I Want) and ‘Soirée Standard’ will sound great in your car, with your cheap shades on, addictive stuff. ‘Ville Musée’ has the jangle sound covered, like Hoodoo Gurus, plus a nice, wandering bass line.

‘Zero Ambition’ speeds things up again nicely, you should be pogoing around your gaff by now. They’ve thrown in all the punk n roll cliches, but it works. ‘Dernier Soir’ is like a lost classic from 1978, in a very good way, and there’s a cute cover of ‘When You Walk In The Room’ In English. Overall, the sound is very much the pop punk of The Boys/Duncan Reid, Continental Lovers and The Vibrators, while closing number ‘Animal’ could almost be Mud. These are, obviously, very good things. So, if that floats your boat, get over any language hang ups and invest in another great, independent band. C’est parti, mon kiki!

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Author: Martin Chamarette