When you get sent a promo of a band you’ve never had the pleasure of but it comes in the shape of a 12″ record I’m always mildly impressed. Not that things pass me by because I’m so hip I know every new band ever (far from it as it goes) but it shows commitment and when it comes in an arty sleeve with no PR sheet I am even more impressed because not being the lazy type I have to go search the interweb thing and find out who they are and whilst I do that I slip the record onto the death decks and turn it up to help with my investigation.

Firstly I find out they come from Hipster central London (Only joking – or am I?) then I read that they’re the loudest band in said town, so, I like the cut of their jib and that’s a confident bold statement to be fair. Firstly I like the artwork it’s bold and doesn’t give anything away at all. Fuck sake you don’t even get their name on the sleeve. As the needle drops you can instantly see how they claim to be louder as ‘Souvenir’ sets the LP up nicely. Theres a load of energy and choruses that are anthemic and snotty. ‘Draw Blood For Proof’ is a great example with a fuzzy rumbling rhythm and a gang chorus that could get messy in a live club situation its got some clobber behind it and a real sense of swagger.

Elsewhere songs like ‘Get Wild’ has a bit of indie suss as well as that post-punk punch with a hind of darkness goth going on as well and that’s a glorious place to be. The songs are really well written and arranged and they sound like a band who’ve been doing this for years and years.

Ten songs maketh a ten-track treat and I love hearing a band I’ve no previous with, and this lot has impressed me a lot with their work on ‘Asleep In The Ejector Seat’ I really like The Heat Inc if they like their brekkie on a slate and latte in a jar or a builders brekkie with a can of stella I’m on board because they know how to write a tune and do it with attitude and volume an impressive combination in my book.

A really impressive record from top to bottom and hopefully I’ll get the chance to catch them live in the not-to-distant future, and put that loudest tag to the test because these tunes played loudly on record sound fantastic so here’s hoping live they’ll blow me head right off, another top record released in 2023.

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Author: Dom Daley