Summer season sees a tonne of bands release singles and new videos so this is the second August sitting of the singles club. Boy, what a bunch of firecrackers it is too. Rock n roll – varied but all cutting the mustard.

Pat Todd & The Rank Outsiders / Guerrilla Teens – ‘Exiled In Warsaw (Heavy Medication Records) You wanna know how to hit up a stonking cover version of some pretty sacred tunes then look no further than this split put out by our friends over at Heavy Medication. Man, Pat Todd and his cronies have got a shit load of swing going on as they take on the majestic ‘All Down The Line’ They own it and get down with it and toss it out like an everlasting piece of bubblegum. Bloody fantastic. Then flip over this bad boy and catch the riot on wax that is Guerrilla Teens smashing up ‘Rip This Joint’ pick up a baseball bat turn up the stereo and start swinging. these cats can’t do no wrong boys n girls and this is the freakin bomb – Boom! absolute killer just like Mick n Keef intended it to sound. Buy it!

The Conscience Pilate – ‘Bloom’ (self-release) After a 25-year hiatus, Edward Pond and Neil Leyton decided to reunite and immediately wrote new music over a bottle of Rioja. The result is a stream of singles released in 2023 true to the band’s origins drenched in Rock and Roll with harmony melodies and a cool guitar-driven pop sensible sound. You can tell the band was brought up on classic guitar indie of the 80s like the Psychedelic Furs, Manics, and the Hangover from Hanoi and the Dolls legacy. Keep writing and releasing guys if it’s half as good as what’s already been released I love it. Leyton has not over dozens of releases put a single foot wrong in my humble opinion and that still stands all these decades later. Buy IT! On another day this would hands down win my record of the month.

Bob Vylan – ‘Dream big’ Riding the creast of an impressive wave Bob Vylan delivers another excellent mash up in the shape of Dream Big. Not afraid to step on toes Vylan does what he does on his own terms and does it well with great tunes.

WolfWolf – Live In Spain (Lux Noise Records) Recorded live in Spain ‘Where Is The Werwolf’ featuring the Tukemak Orchestra this latest release from the Swiss due is a horn honking, rock n roling extravaganza. ‘Klaus’ is evoking the ghost of The Cramps as they rock n roll their way through some slick messed up tunes. Wrapping up this three track multi coloured single is the headfuck that is ‘Birdman’ complete with unhinged horns. Love it

The Riptide Rats – ‘Breaker’ Bandcamp Instrumental surfe but I’ll give it a go putely on the strength of it featuring menmbers of CNE & The Lunatones. So, the first offering is ‘Breaker’ lifted from a forthcoming ghost Highway Records Release from The RipTide Rats and on the strength of this one I’m still not sure what to think. Sure it surfy (Swedish Style) and its indeed an instrumental. No lyrics or further details but I’m certainly intrigued and want to hear more so keep those eyes peeled for that full EP release from GHR.

The Drowns/Wonk Unit – Split (Pirates Press) Single of the week and the month no doubt about it. Two absolute bangers on one single. The ties that bind together bands know nothing of national borders or oceans between continents, and for punk bands on tour, these relationships run deep.

The latest addition to American punk band The Drowns (based in Seattle, WA) is guitarist Simon, who played for years with the UK’s Wonk Unit. Simon and his former Wonk Unit bandmate Alex helped book The Drowns on a UK tour, and when both bands met each other in full in London, they weren’t just fast friends, but like family.

On this release, each band contributes one brand new song. The Drowns, armed with their sharp rock ‘n roll sound, set their sights on a protest song about the state of the US in recent years, aptly titled “The Beast,” while Wonk Unit opt for more personal territory with “Rebecca,” which deals with issues related to substance abuse, personal responsibility, and mental health. As you’d expect, another killer track from the Wonk camp. Two superb song from two awesome bands.

Lothario – ‘Drunk Fuck / Black Hair’ (Goodbye Boozy Records) Rough and ready DIY punk rock on 7″ wax just as it should be with a throbbing bass line being a constant throughout holding the wirey guitar fuzz together whilst Annaliese Redlich does her thing and does it well. the B side is less in your face and a little more subdued more joy division if I’m honest. I love the groove and feel of the song catchy. There’s a dash of Miscalculations going on as well and Annaliese could easily be Marcos’s sister from another mister no doubt about it. Good single.

Phantom Bay – ‘Airtight’ (KROD Records) Hardcore punk hailing from Germany release uncompromising post-punk thumper ‘Airtight’. They made their UK stage debut in Manchester this past Spring This will see the band release their debut EP in September. One to watch out for no question.

Gee Tee – ‘Atomic EP’ ( Limited Repress 7″) (Goodbye Boozy Records) Another Goodbye Boozy Records release is the highly addictive Bontempi organ driven punk/New Wave from Gee Tee Sydney’s leading Gas Station Rock band aparently but I doub’t they have a great deal of competition for the accolade. A fantastic catchy four track EP with ‘Atomic’ being the pick of the pops with its 70s meets 80s throb does it for me every time. catchy as service station food poisoning.

The Chuck Norris Experiment – ‘Bats’ (Ghost Highway Records) This is the first release from the upcoming The Chuck Norris Experiment “Bats!” E.P featuring Jake Starr (Adam West). “In The Doorway” was originaly recorded by the Misfits, and has since then been a favourite in both the CNE & Starr camp.

They started talking about doing something together with Jake about 25 years ago, and finally, it happened and by the sounds of it they had some fun together and can’t wait for the full GHR release. This take on The Misfits is a killer rendition from the hypnotic riff to the vocal delivery I never knew the Misfits could sound so good.

The 7″ E.P will be released in September by Spanish label Ghost Highway Recordings, and will be available in a few different vinyl colors and limited editions. Yeah, you know the drill.

Noise – ‘Victor’ debut ‘Not Until Tomorrow Night EP’ which will be released on 22 September. ‘Victor’ is the lead track and the accompanying video is here. With a fair wind these Glasweigans can make a dent in this business on this evidence.

With its jarring rhythm and off-kilter melody it draws you in and takes you on a journey with the band that is enjoyable as it barbs your skin leaving wonderful earbombs as it ebbs and flows. One to look out for no question.

Aborted Tortoise / Ghoulies ‘EURO-TOUR 2023 SPLIT’ (Goodbye Boozy Records) Making it a glorious hattrick for Goodbye Boozy this special split EP has two track from each and both are varying speeds of snotty DIY punk rock. Ghoulies opener has a wasp buzzing keyboard over the garage dust up that adds that little extra to proceedings bu tthats not to say Aborted Tortoise dont bring anything to the table because they do in the shape of ‘Smart Home’ intro sounding like prime time PAvement bu tafter the stick clicks they speed of in another direction. If you’re in or around mainland Europe get involved and check em out everywhere other than the UK better known as Shit Island it would seem, shame.