Strap yourselves in motherfuckers because Graveripper are unleashing Holy Hell and all that is dark, thrashing, and evil upon us. I think I was guided by dark unspeakable forces when writing the review for this OTT slab of metal thrashing madness. Part old school Thrash part Black metal, Whatever it is it’s unashamed Black/thrash all the way from Indianapolis, Indiana, Hell Hole central it would seem.

Back in 2021, Wise Blood turned summer into a nuclear winter when they released “Radiated Remains,” the first EP from GRAVERIPPER. Two summers later, they return with their debut LP of crypt-crushing black thrash, ‘Seasons Dreaming Death’.

“Radiated Remains” (mastered by Toxic Holocaust’s Joel Grind) introduced a band fusing thrash and black metal with evil vocals the thrashing speed and pit-stirring beats would be a speeding violation on any continent let alone their hometown. From the first vicious riff of lead single ‘Into the Grave,’ ‘Seasons Dreaming Death’ launches a bone-crushing, face-melting metallic 33-minute of uncompromising metal assault. Faster. Heavier. Catchier. More moshable despite the emphasis on blackened melody and solos. Graveripper takes no prisoners and compromises for nobody.

“Refined Expansion,” Parks describes. “Double down on what resonates with us, but also introduce some new arrangements, ideas, themes, and influences. With this being a full-length record there was a lot more room to do that. We introduced more Teutonic thrash worship that teeters on the line of death metal. We also took this as an opportunity to prove we can really play some straightforward malicious black metal riffing as well. All while keeping the overall sonic goal of sewing black and thrash together in our own unique ratio.”

Of all things unholy you need this in your blackened collection. Buy steal or borrow (and never return it obviously) this played suitably loud is one Hell of a racket, full of chest-beating, confident, black thrash, and done as well as anyone could imagine. Not to be confused with Hellripper from this side of the pond but equally impressive tunes and the artwork is something else, simply superb.

“[The album title] is my take on Halloween/Samhain,” Parks confirms, “the day of the year where the veil between the world of the living and the world of the dead is the thinnest.” Evil fucker I say buy it and at least keep him happy so he doesn’t unleash the horses of the apocalypse upon us. Thrash or die motherfuckers thrash or die!

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Author: Dom ‘Demonic’ Daley