The title track of Danny The K / Dan Kopko’s first solo EP on Rum Bar Records ‘Cigarettes & Silhouettes’ – Shot in a rocking horse graveyard that goes by the name “Ponyhenge” – video masterfully shot by the inimitable Harry McCoy. Order the single or, hell, the whole EP Here

Danny Kopko who is a also a member of The Shang Hi Los, Watts and The Peppermint Kicks certainly has pedigree when it comes to rockin and rollin. The EP oozes class mixingg up old school new wave with great hooks like the uber cool ‘Roller Derby Girl’ and the dreamy sunshine pop of ‘The Skateaway’ for an EP its a great taster as to what Danny is capable of by himself. Sadly its not enough – us greedy consumers want more so hopefully this is a prelude to a long player and thus far the whistle is wet but c’mon Rum Bar get this guy back in the studio and lets hear more more more. Dannyoozes class and this is just the beginning

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