The first time on wax and spilled over two heavy-weight records ‘Back To The Blues’ was what Moore did best. He could be his authentic best and his passion for the origins of the loud guitar blues shines through. His playing is passionate and sympathetic and to be fair to the guy his vocals were’t too shabby either.

The opening salvo of ‘Enough Of The Blues’ and the smokey horn honkin of ‘You Upset Me Baby’ is a joy. Clearly a student of what went before him and blazing a path for those who followed Moore dishes up tone and fast fret fingering a plenty and even for a casual listener its uplifting and joyful hearing how Moore tackled the Blues.

Be it the upbeat and funky ‘Cold Black Night’ or the more traditional slow backroom meet me at the crossroads style of ‘Stormy Monday’ Moore could pull it all off with style and a convincing touch that many missed by a mile. ‘Ain’t Got You’ has a strut that the likes of Aerosmith pulled off before him.

He always had a well turned in ballad up his sleeve and ‘Picture OF The Moon’ nails it here. ‘Looking Back’ shows how the likes of Vintage Trouble could have been had they had the chops and cut the shapes insted of trying their hand at pure pop Moore has swing and the tone is massive.

With three bonus cuts to entice fans in from the original release sees a single edit of ‘Picture Of The Moon’ and two live cuts. Fans of da Blues and Gary Moore will be all over this and with added sleeve notes its a must buy for the rock fans out there.

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Author: Dom Daley