British-born Craggy met Slovak Veronika in a bar in Brno, Czechia and soon realised they shared the same vision for an exciting and creative music project, mixing their love of various creative influences to create something that explores the boundaries of alternative rock and roll whilst always retaining an uncompromising and intense energy. After soon welcoming Tom on the bass guitar, the trio continued to flourish. Since their inception, Craggy Collyde have played shows and festivals right across central Europe, lining up alongside some of the region’s best bands.

The eclectic record kicks off in a sombre mood with the atmospheric and moody song where shimmering guitar meets vocals with its hypnotic intro before the floor tom joins the brooding intro ‘Do You Dream?’ It’s always good to dream.

In contrast, after the feedback floats away this uptempo buzzing rocker ‘Hold Your Head Up High’ indeed Holds Its Head up High. As the record settles down the title track drifts in in direct contrast to the last song. As this dark guitar pop song eases into life the listener is drawn in as the story unfolds.

I like the ebb and flow of the record its not all one paced and there is plenty of breathing space in the songs with some classy songwriting. I particularly like the haunting intro of ‘Buried At Sea’ where the feeling of the songs lyrics are captured by an excellently worked arrangment especially the feeling and warmth created by the addition of the strings. The influences are wide reaching from the ragged rock n roll and the more indie leanings but they work really nicely in a sound that totally owned by Craggy.

Theres something triumphant and really happy about ‘I Don’t Think About It’ from the melody and the delivery. ‘Where The Hope Lies’ is a smidge of Countrified Rock n Roll to add another feather to the bands cap whilst ‘Hanging On’ is a slice of Lemonheads meets prime Buffalo Tom collage alternative rock and fits in perfectly to the rich tapestry of this album.

Closing the album off with the dreamy ‘I Know Its Over’ is the perfect closer of what is a really impressive album of new songs from the European quality of Craggy Collyde. Take a bow you three because this is an album you should be totally proud of making its full of excellent songs that are warm and engaging and really well delivered – Buy it or ask them to move in next door and open the windows when they are writing and recording – music can and is such a beautiful thing.

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Author: Dom Daley