OK,So lets get this right. Fourteen songs by fourteen bands all swedish and all fucking banging and wait for it all on one 7″ single. Now thats a novel idea and a bloody good one too.

Limited to 300 copies. 150 blue and 150 black. Released by www.ghosthighwayshop.com Compiled & orchestrated by Dr. Chuck Ransom. Artwork by the mighty STE. Official release date: October 31, 2023.

Here’s the tracklist! 1. Boatsmen ”I’m Not An Addict (I’m Just Bored)” 2. Chuck Norris Experiment ”High Times/Easy Livin’” 3. Doojiman & The Exploders ”No Hope For The Kids” 4. Drippers ”Anti-Cosmic Revolution” 5. Grande Royale ”V.I.P” 6. Liar Thief Bandit ”The Devil’s In The Details” 7. Märvel ”Bedlam At The Embassy” 8. Riptide Rats ”The Riptide Rats Theme” 9. Satanic Overdrive ”Electric Demons” 10. Sator ”Keep Walking (To Make A Long Story Short)” 11. Scumbag Millionaire ”Smash And Grab” 12. Space Cowboys ”Night Observer” 13. Åskväder ”Action Rock?” 14. ”Demons” ”Go Marco! (Ghost Highway Song)”

See I told you it was banging and pretty much bands we’ve reviewed many times on RPM Online and usually loved. Even those with audio duration challenges will love this because if theres a song you’re not keen on (unlikely I Know) but, it’ll soon be over and another will be in your ear dancing around your brain in no time at all. Without fucking about its crammed to bursting with Garage Rockers and hard-hitting tunes from the opening Boatsmen tune through the Full force machine that is Chuck Norris Experiment and their ‘High Times/Easy Living’ through the no-nonsense psychedelic boogie punk n roll of Doojiman & The Exploders with their blunt force ‘No Hope For The Kids’.

The Drippers aren’t fuckin about either with their turbocharged ‘Anti Cosmic Revolution’. Grande Royale are on a boogie mission whilst Marvel turns in a classic Rockin masterclass. Wait Riptide Rats have time for a shimmering spooktacular instrumental that’s classy baby.

Woo Hoo the Satanic Overdrive are bringing the handclaps whilst Sator adds a bit of 60s jive talking for their turn as they ‘Keep Walking’ Don’t get too comfy because those Scumbag Millionaires are going for a ‘Smash And Grab’ and the punk n roll is turned up to eleven as The Space Cowboys are getting high on ‘Nigth Observer’. Askvader turns in some classic scandi action rock before the mighty ‘Demons’ bring this whole shitstorm to a crashing half with ‘Go Marco’ a tribute to Ghost Highway proprietor and then you can exhale and breathe normally for what is an superb offering and one that should be supported and championed far and wide. Let’s Rock kids and this is how you do it properly just remember to play safe this is big boys’ shit and its Rockin! Buy It!

Order at www.ghosthighwayshop.com

Author: Dom Daley