Welcome to my death trip Yeah! ‘Shotgun Full of Blues’ 20th Anniversary Edition has been completely remixed and remastered from the ground up by Matt Planton at Rocket Vault Studios with the whole band offering feedback to get the mixes just right. This is how Shotgun should have sounded 20 years ago! Right from the off the energy is exciting and exhilarating its a salamander stick slapping a slice of riotous Rockabilly, and breath.

It doesn’t stop there kids as the runaway train thrashes through the songs from the howling good time that is ‘Hell’s What I’m Used To’. What you get is a super bright and shiny album full of brawling Rock n Roll and then some. Then some is ten demos and remixes which are a work of beauty in their own right. ‘Can’t Keep Me Down’ is turbocharged and with the bass more hidden in the mix is a interesting take and the solo is awesome. The demos are from 2001 so dated in time but not sound its like the quality of a great live bootleg lifted from the desk bristling with energy.

Some remixes didn’t make the cut like ‘Get Away’ an outtake from the sessions which is full of menace and plenty of punch. I love the remix of ‘Jailhouse Tattoo’ as well with its walking bassline and all those Psychobilly aficionados who love to hear that stand-up bass slap and twang will love ‘Zodiac’ Preacher Boy Remix.

If you’re hearing the name Lonesome Kings for the first time then don’t just take my word for it dive in and fill yer boots this is a wonderful place to start. I’ll get the beers in.

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