I loved the rawness of the original Hellhammer recordings and for a lad in his teens it was exactly what I wanted to be listening to mixed with all the punk I was hearing this band venom and Motorhead were the dog’s danglies. Dark, Dangerous, and most inviting to a young rebellious male that for sure.

Fast forward several decades and a return to those songs is something I was quite excited about. A little wiser (maybe) certainly a lot older and they’ve lost none of that raw, brutal charm that first drew me in. Having had a lifetime of music poured into my ears hearing ‘The Third OF The Storm’ rush through my speakers was a treat and in a live setting having that rush of energy and relentless brutality is still there which is amazing and a major achievement for Tom G Warrior. to be fair the production here is excellent and adds to that excitement and the old school feel is in full effect. Twelve songs in just a short of an hour is perfect. from ‘Reaper’ through the darkness that is ‘Horus Aggressor’ made the hairs (yes I’ve still got hair) stand up on the back of my neck as that double bass pedal bursts into life.

Having never seen Hellhammer I would be down the front of a Triumph Of Death live show in a black heartbeat. This live outing made me revisit my old tape of the first release as well as my Russian import of the complete demos and the comparing and contrasting of the new live recordings only makes right any of the production imperfections so for any metal heads out there unfamiliar with this band and the Hellhammer legacy need to stop doing whatever right now and get this on and get the corpse paint out for the mighty Triumph Of Death has finally delivered us a Hellhamme feast of power, and sheer raw Black Metal/ Punk crossover perfection. the foreboding darkness of the title track is immense and having this recording taken from three appearances through 2023 is a real treat captured forever in wax I urge you to get out there and pick up a copy pronto for your intense recreation of extreme metal at its very finest. Buy IT!

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Author: Dom Daley