OK, so here we are already a month into 2024 and the first sitting of the Singles Club. Here are the first Movers and groovers of this year with their 7″ platters and new videos. Some real quality in here for you to dive into covering quite the spectrum of music as well. Enjoy…

Tuk Smith & The Restless Hearts – ‘Take The Long Way’ (Golden Robot Records) Anthemic Sing-a-long from Smith & The Restless Hearts draws inspiration from Smith’s turbulent experience of not only being kicked off the 2021 Motley Crue Stadium tour but also being dropped from both his label and booking agent amid the COVID era. The track encapsulates the classic self-sabotage meets redemption tale. It’s typical Smith but there’s a polish around this one. One foot in the past and one on the monitor wedge of the future Sith has it all to offer and if he were to hit it big I wouldn’t be shocked I loved his early stuff and this is more mature and a grower for sure bring on the album and what that has to offer.

Marc Valentine – ‘Strange Weather’ (Wicked Cool Records) Marc Valentine begins 2024 with the news that a new album is fast approaching and by the sounds of things it’s going to deliver the goods big time on the strength of this first glimpse into the new wave power pop majesty of ‘Strange Weather’ from the hooky chorus through the retro new wave of the verse this is fantastic and so catchy. If anything it’s way too understated this is a step up from ‘Skeleton Key’ which was a killer single. I’m really excited to hear what the album ‘Basement Sparks’ delivers purely on the strength of this one record so much so I promptly ordered the record. Single of the Month – yes sir, right here!

Willie Dowling, ‘The Simpleton’ (Self Release) – As a taster for the solo album of the same name, ‘The Simpleton’ is a fine showcase for the songwriting skills of Willie Dowling. For those of us who have followed his career since The Grip onwards, it’s no surprise that the melody hooks you from the start. While there’s naturally a similarity to his writing with The Dowling Poole, this song shares much with his Jackdaw 4 project.

On first listen, it sounds more personal and emotionally direct, a less complicated yet compelling tune, which suggests that the upcoming album is predominantly piano based, and this brings out an intimacy in Willie’s voice. Behind the ‘curmudgeonly’ persona is a kind, thoughtful and sensitive person, certainly someone who feels the injustices of the world very deeply.

And, put simply, his voice is beautiful here. Never sounded better. I always look forward to hearing his music, and this promises to be something special. Give it a listen now, and earmark the album for future purchase. Author: Martin Chamarette

Brigata Vendetta – ‘1000 Cuts’ (Pirates Press) Woah this is a banger courtesy of Brigata Vendetta featuring a couple of Harrington Saints this is right on the money hardcore punk rock. Short, sharp, and oh so sweet. The album was reviewed last week and this is a cracking representation of what you can expect. simply glorious – more please gents. This will wake you up on a Sunday morning an absolute stone-cold punk rockin’ banger!

The Courettes – ‘Shake’ Damaged Goods Records) Groovy baby. The Courettes deliver a dancefloor filler with ‘Shake’ its eased back on the wall of sound and went for some fuzzed-up groovin’ dance majesty. From the honkin’ organ to the swinging drum beat this shit is got some serious groove. Infectious and fantastic this band can do no wrong and the guitar solo is pure Fire! The exclusive B Side is less in your face but no less infectious more Fuzztones but damn this pair are cutting it up on record and can’t put a foot wrong they should be huuuuuge!

Mala Vista – ‘In The Dark’ (Spaghetty Town Records) Cool as a beer on ice Mala Vista rides a whirlwind of punk n roll on ‘In The Dark’ short sharp and sweet as from the punk rock rocket rie of the verse to the sweet gang vocal melodic chorus its new school doing old school and mixing it up.

The B Side is an altogether snottier slice of Dead Boys style punk rock from the throbbing Dee Dee style Bass line thumping the tempo down the line it’s lifted from their sophomore album ‘Fun Time’ due in March and from the Thunders’s licks to the Cheetah tempos this is a top single from what promises to be a killer album. More bands cutting records like Mala Vista, please.

Lorne Behrman – ‘The Blue Goes On Forever’ (Spaghetty Town Records) As cool as a summer breeze Behrman comes strollin’ in like a modern-day Lou Reed Its part spoken through a lucky strike no filter and softly sung like the voiceover on the Warriors radio link, Behrman does it again with a super cool earworm melody that you want to hear again and again. It’s rough around the edges like it could unravel itself but tight as two brothers sitting on the porch of their LES steps shooting the shit about times gone by. If the album is half as good as this then it’s going to be another treat for Rock n Roll fans who love a bit of Keith Richards, Johnny Thunders, Stiv, and miss the likes of Petty and some more radio-friendly Rockers. Top tune check it out.

Rob Moss & Skin Tight Skin – ‘Hey You (We’re Sick Of You)’ (Self Release) Old school punk n roll with plenty of gang vocals to power it along. With a snotty nod towards proto-punk royalty such as The Dictators. Rob Moss assembles a gang to power through this chuggin’ barroom slab of punk rock n roll. We’re not sick of this that’s for sure. Kick out those jams Rob.

Neil Leyton – ‘These Seeds’ (European Phonographic Records) Leyton brings his latest more somber offering to the table and this time he’s reflecting on the world at war and offers a little hope in this gentle acoustic song. originally recorded back in 2022 Leyton held back on its release but let this song wash over you as it builds into a more upbeat driven song without the bombast of his previous more indie rock styles this shows that Leyton loves to vary it up whilst retaining his identity in the music and his room-filling vocals stand out. The piano refrain is wonderful and fills your heart with hope around such desperate subject matter.

All proceeds from “These Seeds” will be paid from the European Phonographic label to Music Export Ukraine in support of Ukrainian artists and musicians.

Frank Turner – ‘Do One’ (Xtra Mile Recordings) The familiar tones of folk-punk troubadour Frank Turner is back with a brand new single from his brand new record ‘Do One’ is a smooth well produced catchy acoustic punk rock song that’s totally Frank Turner and pretty much exactly what I was expecting. He does his thing and does it really well and on this you can see exactly why he’s so popular. Short, sharp, and sweet. The new album is heading your way on the 4th of May and expect more of this for what will undoubtedly be a big hit.

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes – ‘Self Love’ (International Death Cult) You don’t get a Frank for months then all of a sudden two come along in the Singles ClubThe Second single from Carter is a melodic slice of modern alternative rock. He sings with a strong melodic melody over a more aggressive fuzz guitar but the surprise is the solo is of the guitar variety but a keyboard synth. The Rattlesnakes have bite as they mess with you on this intense new single. Catch em across the land over the next month before they head overseas. Also, in stores galore where you’ll hear this earworm no doubt – get on it.

KMFDM – ‘Airhead’ (Metropolis Records) Industrial mainstays KMFDM hit out with a fairly mainstream pop-infused single from their album ‘Let Go’. Harking back to ’80s pop on this one without the hint of distorted pounding guitars or white noise. Lead vocals are from Lucia Cifarelli which I’m sure won’t be a good representation of what the overall album will sound like. More New Order than Rammstein the VHS in the video is something that we used to watch films on kids, honest!

Wynona Bleach – ‘Swim In The Bay’ (Fierce Panda Records) Infectious new single from Grungey rockers Wynona Bleach who bring you the cool ‘Swim In The Bay’. With its big layered chorus burrowing into your ears sitting on top of a smooth cool grungey-styled rock song. Not afraid to layer their rock with pop melodies Wynona Bleach are aiming for plenty of radio play with this latest single.

WolfWolf – ‘Twenty-One’ (Lux Noise Records) In corona times WolfWolf started to experiment with keyboards and samples to keep them busy. The result was this single. A song that pushes the familiar boundaries of the band into new wave of the 80s. Nevertheless, the garage punk aspect remains.
The new romance story of a young couple could also be set in the 80s. Maybe in West-Berlin or in the gritty industrial life of post-war Manchester. The song is an ode to youth and a mission to young people to enjoy life and dance the night away while they can. Captured perfectly by the dynamic duo.