Getting a ringing endorsement from the legend that is Jesse Malin is always going to get heads turning around RPM HQ and when you hear Lorne was the gunslinger in Dimestore Halos and the influences of Johnny Thunders stand out then we’re all in.

This is his sophomore album, ‘Blue Love’, released on Spaghetty Town Records. Is an 11-song collection. It’s steeped in the heart and soul of New York City of old and the first glimpse was the single, ‘The Blue Goes On Forever’.

Following up the debut record can be a daunting prospect but not for Lorne The stories on Blue Love are literate and totally in keeping with his surroundings, the ghosts of Lou Reed, Jim Carroll, Johnny, and Sylvain are felt. There’s a live old-school Replacements meets Reid vibe on the opening track ‘So I Think Of You’, especially through the Lalala part I’m thinking lofts in the LES and a ghostly thin and pale Reid chewing on a cigarette reading Kerouac. It’s loose and sparse and carries such a cool carefree vibe. The single follows and that laid-back summer breeze vibe carries on but it’s carried through the ether on a vibrant and uplifting beat and tempo.

‘The Bellevue Song’ has me daydreaming about Johnny Thunders and his sidekick Sylvain. give her a great big kiss man. It’s a story about falling in love while in a mental hospital and why not? ‘Blue Eyes Gone Green’ is an acoustic-driven jam.

Get the ladies in for some shuffling call and reply backbeat smokey barroom balladeering on ‘Barbara’. ‘Ferris Wheel’ is a stomping big chords and funky Bass lines whilst Lorne cuts out some tasty chops that a prime Keith Richards would be proud of. ‘You Don’t Know Me’ gets a little funky with some whistling on the intro. I remember my first visit to NYC and coming out of the Port Authority near Maddison Sq Gardens this song could have been playing in my head as my wide eyes tried to take it all in as I was hit with the horns and balmy summer sunshine daydreaming of Travis Bickle and the Ramones music can do that to you.

The album closes with the brushes shuffle on the snare as the acoustic guitar picks away on the chords as Lorne leaves his mark dovetailing the record where we came in. Totally NYC in the same way Jesse Malin is forever entwined in the city and all its stories and history of Rock and Roll there must be something in the water there to keep churning out super cool records like this. A cool album with plenty of top tunes that will grow old with you and one that will mature like a fine wine. Check it out you won’t be disappointed it’s a grown-up album for people who are still in love with their rock n Roll.

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Author: Dom Daley