Seattle rockers The Drowns are gearing up to unleash their latest salvo of blue-collar punk rock ’n roll: Blacked Out. Returning to the studio for this LP with longtime producer Ted Hutt (Dropkick MurphysFlogging MollyThe Gaslight Anthem), Opening your new record with a track entitled ‘Banger’ and loosely modelling it around The Glitter Band it better bloody well be a ‘Banger’. It certainly sets the tone for what’s to come with a collection of songs that fuse their varied influences really well.

From the boogie-woogie shuffle roots of original 50s rock ’n roll, to the strutting swagger of 70s glam & “bovver rock,” to the gritty anthemic street punk its a pretty decent gene pool to dip those toes in. Single ‘Ketamine & Cola’ is up next and the sunshine Rock n Roll glam stomp rushes through the speakers. It’s catchy, Bright and one to sing along to for sure. The melodies and backing vocals are screaming out lifting the first few tracks as ‘Dynamite’ is like Mud never went away even if it is a brave move having a cover so early in the record but hell why not throw you a curve ball.

With working-class street punk lyrics aplenty it touches on plenty of genres and unifies the lot of em. Chest-beating working-class rock n roll is right where this record is at. The title track is upbeat and made for playing live. really good song. Lucky for the punters they love touring so the chances of seeing these songs in their natural habitat is decent.

I particularly enjoyed ‘Yob On The Rampage’ its where you imagine it to be going by the progression of this record so far. It’s like Slade Griffin on some harder rock but with a good hook and a party in mind. It’s not rocket science and they’re not reinventing the wheel just rolling with it and having a blast and that transfers into a well-rounded rock solid record.

‘1979 Trans Am’ is the embodiment of their approach to making this record and they’ve nailed a good time in three minutes. If I’m being honest this record gets stronger and stronger with the second half of songs are warmed up and cruising and the sound of a band enjoying where they’re at and killing it.

To finish off the record they do kick back and roll out the ole barroom joanna for one last late night sing-a-long on ‘Born To Die In NYC’ and keeping it simple with no breakout or big guitar solo it’s a fine mellow moment to put a full stop on a strong record. Don’t take my word for it. Hit it up and get the beers in, you can thank me later.

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Author: Dom Daley