Album number six from this trio of street punks kicks off in style with the upbeat and vibrant ‘Last Man Standing’. With a pocket full of Steve Jones chords and a melody you can whistle on your way to work it sits nicely alongside the likes of Argy Bargy or the last couple of Last Resort albums its got boundless energy and plenty of heart but the one thing this record has is a great production that taps into the bands strength of writing catchy melodies and really good arrangments and this opener is a great way to get proceedings off with a bang.

If you’re looking for some boot boy terrace energy then the breakneck bounce of ‘Not Like You’ won’t disappoint. As the riff rattles off the curb the vocal tells it as it is – Bosh! ‘London’ is a rousing cockney knees-up that gets elbowed out of the way by ‘Music In My Heart’ that really rattles along on an excellent melody. You get fourteen songs here so seven aside and the quality is kept high throughout which is a feather in their barrow boy caps as the energy gets pushed and pulled in all directions from the punchy ‘Filth’ which again is helped by a really clear production that helps with the light and shade of the songs leaving room for that guitar to cut through the glugging bass and full throttle drum attack.

The title track sounds pissed off as that guitar is made to sound like a rabid dog barking as it drools, but underneath is that constant rumbling bass that fills the sound and it goes for the jugular. The band keep on course never feeling the need to change things up for the sake of change and preferring to keep it Street and packed with anthems ‘You Sort It Out’ tips the hat to Sparrer on that rousing chorus. Before we’re done you have ‘Hate Culture’ and the Ramones like ‘I Don’t Care’ snarling and steaming in before the album checks out with ‘Society’ and their work here is done. Made to be played live no doubt about it and a top night will be had by all. Knock Off have just delivered a quality album bursting at the seams with pissed off street punk. If you haven’t already then I suggest you get an earfull of this pronto – Oi Oi!

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Author: Dom Daley