A sold-out Cab in Newport on a Good Friday Bank Holiday seemed like the only place to be as the South Wales punk rock community welcomed Port Talbot neerdowells to the stage for their Newport baptism on this most holy of days as they proceeded to entertain the gathered congregation to the ways of the steel towns finest exponents of what has been best described as pub punk. For the next thirty-plus minutes the band stormed through their repertoire of zero fucks punks rock at an impressive speed. The mostly uninitiated seemed to very much appreciate the music being doled out by these young guns who’ve just recorded their debut album of working-class punk anthems. Ending the set with their party anthem ‘Beer & Gear’ most definitely made everything alright. The Shunkos don’t take themselves too seriously but their music is honest and they do it very well indeed and are a ray of sunshine on any bill. Sadly several of the bands pulled out of the originally advertised show meaning next up were South West punks Split Dogs.

Split Dogs made the short hop across the border to perform their uncompromising street punk and they wasted no time in delivering their blunt yet really enjoyable set kicking off with the stylish ‘Why Does It Hurt’. Split Dogs are the go-to band along this stretch of the M4 and it’s easy to see why. They get on with the job and play uncompromising punk rock – it’s no-nonsense but they do it with a cheeky smile whilst chomping at the bit and snarling like a rabid dog. Songs like ‘Prison Bitch and ‘Lafayette’ land solidly on your jaw and in Harry they have the frontwoman to captivate as she covers every inch of the stage like a fireball, leading the band through their brutal set. Is it hot in here or am I having some sort of episode? Such is the intensity of Split Dogs performance tonight the place is a sweaty den of noise. The band finishing off with an intimidating ‘Tears of a Clown’ which seemed on point and there was no way they could top that – Job done. Another day another really enjoyable set from the impressive Split Dogs.

Headlines Riskee & The Ridicule take no time at all hitting the tight stage of The Cab and get on with the job of following two worthy support bands as they rise to the challenge and pump out the title track of their latest album of Grime meets Street punk ‘Platinum Statue’ and with a half decent sound things get messy as frontman Scott oozes passion and a love for his job of leading the band through what amounts to four albums worth of honest impressive punk rock. Scott engages with the appreciative audience as the pit gets off right from the opening title track of that fourth album. I reviewed Body Bag many moons ago it would seem and have caught sets from the band when they went out with The Bar Stool Preachers as well as sets at Rebellion Festival. After warming up (not that the venue needed warming up) the band hit their stride when they blitzed out ‘Molotov Cocktail’ the excellent ‘Kaboom’ and a splendid rendition of Lana Del Rays ‘Young And Beautiful’ before closing with a fantastic ‘Our Time’.

No bullshit, No encore, No fucking about it was turn up get on with business, do it to the best of your ability and get the fuck out of dodge and tonight Riskee And The Ridicule certainly delivered another excellent set. Top night of punk rock from three quite different bands all doing their music proud and all with new records either just out or on the way, Proving punk rock is alive and well and in safe hands. Also cool venues like The Cab being the perfect venue for nights like this. I love nights like this and I love punk rock – long live the underground! The only complaint would be no ‘Blue Jacket’ not being in the set but hey ho you can’t have everything. Next time yeah?

Author: Dom Daley