Eight new tracks and seven acoustic versions from Snuff. A mixture of Punk that’s bright and punchy mixed with the finer parts of The Levellers Snuff have been doing this for long enough to know they’re pretty good at what they deliver and on this latest offering they’ve thrown the kitchen sink at it with what amounts to a modern-day “its got the lot” crammed into its fifteen tracks. No writers block here folks just value fo money.

Duncan Redmonds likes a story tends to put a lot of what he observes into his lyrics. It’s roots are equally in folk and punk rock.

Raucous songs with that earthy modern folk edge. Each story unfolds as you listen like the pages of a good book of short stories. It’s tough to define their sound because the band definitely do like to dabble in a few musical styles whilst keeping it all together with a cohesive style that is their own much like the men they couldn’t hang used to do. Guitar riffs, organs, horns and plenty of harmonies. ‘Go Easy’ gets proceedings underway in fine fashion with a good energy and plenty of upbeat punch. Thats carried through with the title track and then the band put their foot on the accelerator for ‘Booster’ Not much sign of the Folky edge on the first bunch of tunes but the melodies are strong especially on ‘Yellow Lights’. they give the Organ a good shoeing for the groovy for the ‘Purple PRisoner’ one I’m sure Deep Purple fans could get on board with here on this Snuff record. A little bit proggy for my ears but it did grab my attention that’s for sure.

‘Fireball’ shakes off any prog residue left on my speakers with a sprightly thrasher. That’s the first half done in a very loud fashion until the gentler acoustic ‘The Skip’ before we take our seats around the campfire for the acoustic offerings that work really well to be fair in fact quite a few are better than their Electric siblings.

‘Toxic’ is Acoustic but didn’t feature on the Electric half and makes way for one of the best tracks on the album ‘All Over Now’ has excellent vocals and massive harmonies but the strings add a really sombre mellow texture that works well. If you like the folk side of punk rock then this is for you defiantly a game of two contrasting halves from the fired-up punk rock to the acoustic mellow moments – it all makes for an interesting record that offers up weaving melodies and sounds that ebb and flow really well. That’s Snuff from me until the record is released and you can then decide for yourself.

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Author: Dom Daley