When the first Midnight Men Album was released you could tell Nick had a vision for the band that was full of joy and fun. From the artwork to the music and finally to the stage. Here we find ourselves in 2024 and the release of Issue 2 is with us. I listened to this for the first time driving an articulated truck around southeast London during rush hour and whilst it definitely improved the experience it seemed quite apt from one juggernaut to another and I noticed my stress levels also decreased.

I was looking for more of the same catchy hooks and tunes and plenty of pop-punk fun. You get all that in abundance from the opening track ‘The Middlenight Men Theme’ into ‘Fighting Skylar’ and into track three ‘Bruno’ in the blink of an eye. this album certainly carries on where the first album left off catchier than a world-class keeper on a good day. The backing vocals are big and help lift the songs.

By the time ‘Living In the Heart Of Hell’ finishes you’re invested in the anthemic majesty of the album. The songs also show great maturity as well as killer hooks like what you get on ‘The Fear’ and really grips you…fantastic stuff.

As well as the pop-punk you get some AC/DC style riffing on ‘Sirens’ that seems to flow into something Kula Shaker would be proud of and it’s worked really well. The flavours of the album give you Britpop, Wildhearts, Pop, QOTSA and other influences like Chris Catalyst the diversity is wide but flows really well.

Whatever band Nick plays in be it Role Models, Terrorvision or Middlenight Men he always seems to enjoy himself and that is infectious and carries into his audience its great to have fun music that’s played with that in mind.

I know Nick doesn’t like to mention playing Wembley but I’d love to see it happen with Middlenight Men on the biggest of stages issue 2 is the perfect follow-up to issue 1 and the record delivers all you could hope for and more it keeps on brand and the vision Nick had for the band but he’s just made it bigger, better, bolder and added some more styles to the pot if this were a Rock n Roll cake issue 2 would be the icing.

you can also catch the band at The Underworld in Camden for the launch party I’ll see you down the front. Buy It now.

Author: Gordon Lancaster