We’ve hit the landmark of 30 episodes and still not been cancelled (might be due to lack of listeners) but we thought we’d share what’s on this weeks action packed episode. First up is a serious track and worthy cause for us to back as Eat This gets us underway with the excellent ‘Poverty UK’  with the sole purpose of raising donations for the Homeless. All proceeds go to the homeless charity Crisis. A donation of £1 will buy the song. Please share with 10 or more friends, not for us but for this worthy cause.

Follow that up with a new track from Denmarks D-A-D with a new album ready to roll in October on AFM Records its ‘The Ghost’ one of two new songs released. Heading back into ECT archive for a glorious track from the Gunslingers and their album ‘Better Out Than In’ which came out way back in 85 on Ego Records.

Heading off with a trio of Hotshots Hot Picks he has the Sleazy City Kids followed by the magnificent Chelsea Smiles with ‘Action Coming Down’ an awesome band featuring Todd Youth – Vocals, Guitar, Skye Vaughan-Jayne – Guitars. Vocals who had a Birthday this past week as well as the four-string strutted known as Johnny Martin who kindly stepped in for Danny in Faster Pussycat whilst the LA Guns lie low and the prince of pound Karl Rosqvist on Drums.

Finally, he dishes up an Aerosmith classic ‘No Suprise’ after we talked about Tyler’s appearance with the Black Crowes.

After a recent jaunt around mainland Europe Streetwalkin Cheetahs are up to no good with ‘Call The Dogs’ off their 10″ record put out by the mighty Heavy Medication Records as is the following track from sleazy rockers Jonesy and ‘Furry White Fury’ lifted from their ‘Dopplegangbangers’ record also on Heavy Medication.

Staying Sleazy we might as well throw in some Slash City Daggers and ‘Backseat Babies’ from their Jeff Dahl produced record ‘Backstabber Blues’.

It’s about time we got to read or a UK release of Jeff Drakes’s book if anyone knows a UK publisher or Eurodistro outlet we need this book. So we played a Vice Principles cover Of the Everly Brothers classic ‘Price Of Love’ lifted from their one and only album released back in 2000.

The Erotics have a new album on the way and we had to play their take on the Dead Kennedys classic ‘Too Drunk To Fuck’

After catching an SLF doc on YouTube I went down an SLF wormhole and picked ‘When We Were Young’. Throwing a kitchen Disco and having a great time making other people’s songs sound like he’s written them Chris Catylist is Hotshot Hooper’s last Hot Pick and this time he’s picked his take on ‘California Dreamin’.

Hold onto your hats Chris ‘Not Too Posh To Mosh’ Davies picked Subhumans ‘No’ for some light listening before we drop a track by the mighty Stiv Bator and we’re almost done leaving just one brand new track to close off Episode 30. Split Dogs released a new track after signing to Venn Records so what better way to close the show than with ‘No What?’ and we’ll catch you next week for some more banging tunes.