Howling Like a dog, the Sacramento, CA freakbeat legends TH’ LOSIN STREAKS have finally recorded and released their follow up record  “This Band Will Self-Destruct in T-Minus”. Th’ Losin Streaks have reformed after breaking-up in 2010 Over half a decade after the release of their debut LP “Sounds of Violence”. Seems like the world wasn’t finished with these cats and vice versa.

It’s garage rock ‘n’ roll folks but it ain’t no hipster bandwagon jumping garage with maybe a hint of cowpunk thrown in for good measure.  Band leader and rhythm six strings Tim Foster is joined by Stan Tindall, from zebra-clad garage ne’er-do-wells THE TROUBLEMAKERS, who is back on the bass and boy do they hit their stride on this.  Its bright and groovy that’s for sure and there is a feeling that these guys know exactly what they’re doing and there is a lot of catching up as they slam from one song straight into the next with barely time to catch one’s breath. ‘Time Has Come’ shimmers with the effects in the breakdowns as the drums roll and Foster howls.

‘You’ll Never Know’ has such a crisp and beautiful overdriven tone that they’ve captured on the riff it’s almost majestic the Hives fill concert halls with this kinda chug. There’s a lot of songs to get through here as the riffs and melodies keep a-comin’.  I particularly love the drive and attitude on ‘My Disease’ and if you’re holding out for the token ballad or slow number then you’re in for a wait – a long wait. Quite simply there isn’t time like I said earlier these guys have some catching up to do and boy are they doing it.  Riff after riff and hook after hook they ain’t on no losin’ streak anymore that’s for sure.  I hope to God they don’t self-destruct any time soon that would be a tragedy.


Author: Dom Daley