‘Screams in the wind’ is the English translation for opener ‘Gritos en el Viento’ to give it its proper title.  You would be forgiven for thinking this band aren’t from these shores but think again all is not what it seems. For this seven-piece ensemble is indeed from these shores as well as the USA.

So this CD is split into two parts or Acts with Act 1 opening with the Exotic siesta inducing ‘Gritos en el Viento’ and as its an instrumental its very much a sit back dim the lights and let the music take you on a journey through dusty winding paths and give yourself over to the music and you’ll be fine. (I must resist from saying it reminds me of Comic Strip presents when they did Fistful Of Travellers Cheques) but to hear Rik speaking over this wouldn’t be that much of a stretch as the wind swirls and birds circle is it a mirage? Pass the wine.

Sure it’s not your conventional punk rock or garage either but something of an enigma maybe timeless pop created from a time when swirling organs and sharp bass lines were used from the artist’s pallet along with some timely horn stabs and lush classical nylon guitars Horse Feathers has the lot.

‘Two Tales’ is a more sprightly romp through its winding melodies as the instruments battle for space but manage to find their way it’s like a spaghetti Western film score soundtrack for some art flick in black and white as the spoken words of ‘Silver Screen’ make it an obvious place to pitch your wagon. It could and possibly should be the score for a Morricone flick or bonus material on some silent Western the playing is excellent and there are dashes of excellent Americana and the Spanish guitar and horn on ‘Asesinato (pts 1 & 2)’ is dreamlike when the spoken words drift in its like someone is whispering into your ear slightly unnerving but rather enjoyable and when the Cello kicks in its majestic sounding.  At times it’s like a Jeffrey Lee Pierce project especially on songs like Part 2 of the aforementioned track and maybe the dark ‘Dorothy Hamilton’ even if the melody is upbeat I’m reminded of some of the more twisted parts on the Damneds Black Album.


spread out over ten tracks this is most definitely a journey you need to give yourself over to – clear your mind and indulge yourself you might find it plucks away on your heartstrings out on that dusty road or are you suffering sunstroke as ‘Honeymoon Killers’ picks away at that Spanish guitar before a word is softly spoken. Horse Feathers won’t be for everyone I know that and if you don’t give it a chance then it will simply waft over your head much like that cigar smoke that wafting out the door of that there saloon.