Jagger J. Holly- Vocals/Bass, Lennon Lee Roth- Guitar/Vocals, Ringo Moon- Drums great names guys now please tell me they were given to you at birth? Jagger Holly might well be ‘The Last Of The International Playboys’ but what have they done to warrant such a tag? have they got the chops to pull it off? or the cahoonas to deliver such a boast? Well. Innsbruck, Austria isn’t my go-to location if I want some party punk rock ‘n’ bop but that might be about to change as Jagger Holly have a sack full of Christmas cheer with a bop ‘n’ roll punk rock record. ‘Party Tonight’ is doing just that.

Hipsters would clear the dance floor ready for you to dive in windmilling as Jay asks “if you’re having fun tonight”? and on this evidence, it would be difficult not to. There is certainly a CJ era Ramones feel to ‘It Ain’t Over Til I’m Sober’ Loud, dumb fun with a chorus you can sing or shout along to, You knew as it was going towards the breakdown before picking up straight into the gang vocal chorus now Pause for a breath inhale then bang! we’re back on it for ‘One More Day’.

A great sounding record that will have mass appeal right throughout. Like I said they’re not reinventing the wheel here its sex drugs and rock n roll and where is the nearest party and that’s cool with me. ‘I Know I Know’ is catchy as hell and I love the horn stabs – it’s just great writing on a tried and trusted formula- full of melody and gang choruses it’s a hoot and you know it.

It’s pretty relentless in its delivery they come thick and fast but the songs never outstay their welcome and Jagger Holly never outstay their welcome either which is what separates the weak from the strong and the ones who just know how to get it right and those that don’t.

My opinion is these guys win on every count and that’s why they might well be the last of the international playboys.  Turn it on turn it up and enjoy – maybe open a beer or two or four and invite some friends around put this on the player and hey presto you have a party! What are you waiting for?