Brand new video from yob rockers Faz Waltz and just as we lace up out boots with our thumbs in our belt loops ready its a tear jerker.  Ho Hum its good regardless of expectations so why not click the link to watch the brand new hot off the press video by Faz Waltz ‘Is This The Way’.

Its the second video off of their internationally praised album “Double Decker”.  This time it’s for the reflective and introspective ballad “Is This The Way”. They shot the video in their hometown of Cantu, Italy on a cold and foggy winter day.  In the song, Faz Waltz asks the question we’ve all likely asked:

“Is this the way it’s supposed to be?  I look at myself, what do I see? I don’t know where we are all going to go, I don’t know where everything went wrong.”

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