When is an EP not really an EP? when its the work of some twisted fucked up punk rockers called System Reset that’s when. Its got ten songs for a kick off that’s a fuckin’ album in anyone’s language now if those ten only last the length of time it takes you to upload the songs from Bandcamp to Itunes then ok call it a single call it an EP call it a short to the point kick in the bollocks for all I care the only thing that matters is that it is now in my headphones and when I play it I’ve got a grin as wide as the Severn estuary.

Often fast, always melodic, most certainly punk rock System Reset have stumbled onto something here and I like it – I like it a lot. Calling on a wide range of influences; from 90s skate punk through to crusty anarcho dog on a string punk rock the songs are at times furious but these boys are more than happy to sling in a melody if the song needs it. even some slower passages.

Vocalist Stan’s lyrics touch on emotional personal subjects, views on modern society and politics and sometimes utter nonsense – and why not have some diversity and not be afraid to go places with the music if need be rather than just style it out. Recorded live in the studio by VJ Knievel he of the six strings in Deathtraps, Like I say the EP is available digitally immediately through the band’s Bandcamp page with a physical release on CD to follow in mid-February.  I’d love to say here’s a video they recorded on location but social services wouldn’t allow it.

Titter ye not when you hear ‘Growler’ I will stand corrected but this has the handiwork of Sutton from Trigger McPoopschute all over it but this album sorry EP is so much more than that tongue in cheek number The opener ‘Epidemic’ is excellent mid-paced punk rock something you would get right into had it been an early Husker du number.

They follow it up with a great piece of social commentary with ‘Feminazi’ they up the ante on ‘May Already’ I’d just like to believe that one day Theresa will get to hear this, she fuckin’ needs to. Before the album closes I end up gobbin’ tea; sorry that should be strong west country scrumpy or Barley wine over my computer screen thanks to Sutton and his outro on the hardcore blast that is ‘Invade’ it took me longer to type that than the song by the way. which only leaves ‘PTSD’ to close off what is an excellent piece of work.  I hope to catch em live at some point and I hope this is indeed the start of something and not just a one-off – great work chaps great work!

Author: Dom Daley


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