On this day in 1976, David Bowie released his tenth studio album ‘Station to Station’, It was this album that he morphed into  the Thin White Duke. The album was recorded after he completed shooting ‘The Man Who Fell to Earth’, and the cover artwork featured a still from the movie. The album made the top five in both the UK and US charts.

Also on this very same day in 1990 Bowie announced his forthcoming ‘Sound And Vision’ world tour, Where he would invite each venue audience to decide on a ‘greatest hits’ running order, organised through local radio stations. The concert tour surpassed Bowie’s previous ‘Serious Moonlight’ (’83) and the much-maligned Glass Spider (’87) tours’ He played in 27 countries with over a hundred shows.  Whilst today has some pretty decent Bowie facts I always admired the fact he declined the CBE in 2000 and a knighthood in 2003 a man who did things on his own terms and was never one to tow the establishment line, Christ they’d given him enough shit over the years.

This very same week Bowie seems to choose to keep himself busy over the years as back in 2016 he was at No.1 on both the UK & US album charts with his twenty-fifth studio album ‘Blackstar’, Incredibly Bowie’s only album to top the USA Billboard 200. He was, however, the biggest-selling vinyl artist that year in the UK, with five albums in the vinyl Top 30, including Blackstar as the No.1 selling vinyl album of the year.

Another fact is he was in rehearsals in ’73 for his Ziggy Stardust tour where he later played the Hammersmith Odeon which is where (Sex Pistol) Steve Jones claimed to have gone on a nicking spree and robbed a load of gear off Ziggy and his Spiders. Be it forty-six years or three years I miss Bowie who always stayed a step ahead of the critics and love his work or loathe the releases he never stood still and whatever style he turned to he mastered it and delivered excellent music and continues to inspire and influence musicians the world over.

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Author: Dom Daley