Power pop punkers New Wave ravers call it what you like it’s only a name to hang some tunes on. Steve Adamyk Band have always delivered top tunes and on ‘Paradise’ nothing has changed sorry to break the suspense so early on folks but sometimes its called for to just say it as you see it (or hear it)  Right out of the traps there’s no time for fucking about they get straight into it and much like Shit Islands Los Pepe they just rock n roll out of the traps. They’re  Prolific purveyors of the loud guitars and melodic lyrics Steve Adamyk Band are on their sixth full-length effort, and its relentless in as much as every tune is up for it and full of life and energy.  It’s often a beautiful yet exhausting thing.  From ‘The Letter’ they just rattle them out with plenty of punch.Theres even some Beach boys woo hoos and a splendid synth solo all on the opener.

The 12-tracks were recorded with Mike Bond at Wolf Lake in Ottawa before crossing the country to be mixed by Jesse Gander in Vancouver.

The album sees the Steve Adamyk Band working as a three-piece, with the group’s titular frontman backed by the Acorn’s Pat Johnson on drums and Johnny O of Uranium Comeback on bass. Original member Dave Williams also added some vocals to the release and it a thing of real beauty to hear so few people make such a big fuckin’ racket!

The band’s new single “In Death.” Of the song, Adamyk said, “‘In Death’ is as punk as it comes.  Hammering out the relentless rhythm this album will bash you over the skull and into submission or until you declare your love for The Steve Adamyk Band and their crazy beats.  The title track has a touch of The Ramones going on – ok more than a touch of the Dee Dee’s going on but everyone loved the Ramones right? so?

Aha so they couldn’t keep it up and the pace drops (momentarily) on ‘Waiting To Die Part 1’ with its leisurely pace its a great laid back tune with a cool hook on the bridge and chorus. Wait! What? ‘Waiting To Die Part 2’ is a return to the blistering pace much like part 1 but faster and with a right punch to it.

I love the fact that they can drift from Ramones 1-2-3-4 straight into a straight-up pop tune with loud guitars like ‘when I Was Gone’ which reminds me of Lemonheads and that’s a great thing right? Right. The record flip flops for a while as it goes from straight ahead punk rock ala the punk rock fab four to your melodic power pop of ‘Take It To The Top’.

you can never accuse Steve Adamyk Band of standing still and delivering boring records because mixing the Ramones with the Beach Boys might not be the biggest stretch they absolutely nail it and adding the synths for some of the solos they enter the new wave territory with ease and add the much-needed variety that keeps you coming back for more and because they pen great songs obviously. ‘Get Off The Telephone’ leans as much on someone like Costello with a hint of XTC with louder guitars which shows real talent and ending the record with ‘The Deep End’ which has some Pixies meets Husker Du thrown into the mix only enhances their reputation and makes an already great album even better.  Pick it up when it comes out I dare you, you might just be surprised and delighted with your purchase.

Paradise will arrive on March 15 via Dirtnap Records. Until then, check this old one out.

Author: Dom Daley