From the dark heart of Yorkshire, this is Snakerattlers’ second album, and I admit that this is my first encounter with their music. The duo are husband and wife, Dan and Naomi Gott, guitar/vocals and drums/vocals, and, unlike some other duos, they have the tunes to ensure that they are no novelty act. Yes, there are elements of The Cramps here and there; ‘Do The Rattle Rock’ and ‘Rattle Rock Stomp’. But, their approach has more in common with Dan Sartain; see ‘I’ll Destroy Your Soul’. ‘She’s Strange’ sways, makes your hips shake. In fact, you could dance to the whole album, should you feel inclined.


They certainly have too much class to be tagged as psychobilly, in my opinion; a lazy description. ‘Standing On My Own’ is worthy of any Tarantino soundtrack, while ‘Ooga Booga’ does pretty much what it says. ‘Wild’ is a fitting end and makes me want to see them in a sweaty club sometime soon; their natural environment. But this is also a fine addition to your album collection. They know how to roll.


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Author: Martin Chamarette