It’s been a while since ‘Super Natural’ and its been a while since the news broke that Jim Jones was heading down the long winding crowdfunding road for the new record, last June to be precise.  Well, the wait is over the record is finally here. This takes off where ‘Super Natural’ left off and some. Sure there is no great departure just a lot more time has been afforded by going down the crowdfunding route and its paid off in spades for this is easily Jims most complete collection of music to date and I include Thee Hypnotics and the Revue in that.  It includes everything – emotionally and physically by the sounds of it, there is even Keith Richards Gibson acoustic in there throughout like the main artery carrying the lifeblood that this record needs to survive.

‘Sex Robot’ yeah if your introducing your new record might as well go in like a stick of dynamite hitting the death decks and boy does ‘Sex Robot’ deliver a pulsating introduction. From the first fuzzed out riff through the handclaps and throbbing snare slap this record is off and the opening track is setting the bar right up there with a full on aural assault on your senses. Stomping rhythm and like a clenched fist The Righteous Mind means business Its a rock n roll call to arms enough is enough let’s do this.  If that didn’t get your blood pumping then a side step to the left sees the Dirty Blues Gospel of ‘Satans Got His Heart Set On You’ is up next.

Step forward with that piano and saxophone as Jones does what Jones does over the top of such a swinging groove and remember to join in on the chorus. Keeping up the intensity yet displaying another side of this band yet in keeping with the roots of Rock n Roll the saxophone steals in and quite literally blows my mind as the duelling keys and sax makes this already; a contender.  As we settle in ‘O Genie’ has some needle in the red, fuzzed up geetar as we purposefully slide through the verses like a snake on the prowl there is a menace to the song as it glides toward the Asian rhythm and Jim  almost whispers the verse into your ear its intense and terrifying at the same time but you don’t want to turn it off just let it wash over you.

Proceedings head back towards the most Rock and Roll of songs with ‘Attack Of The Killer Brainz’ riding in on a massive big riff for an awesome slice of RnR that is always most welcome. the downside of all that Rock n Roll sees ‘Meth Chuch’ enter the fray like a misty morning. Gentle creep crawling through West London Jones tells a Bowie esk tale of one night under the shadow of Grenfell Tower the song perfectly captures the mood and eery use of strings is a captivating number.

Again the pace and sense of drama are captured on the slow-moving ‘Dark Secrets’ as Jones lowers the tone quite literally with hushed vocals the arrangement is captivating and perfectly executed. ‘I Found Love’ is a little Gospel meets Rock and Roll and Jones reaches into his soul to raise the roof with his wild vocal as the cymbals lead the rhythm. ‘I Found Love’ is the appetizer for ‘Out Align’ as the amps are given a right rinsing through the steady beat.

As we enter the last knockings of this new record I can’t help but feel I’ve been on a journey through a musical landscape that felt so good in such trying times. There is a light at the end of the austerity tunnel and Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind will lead us there if you let them in. ‘Going There Anyway’ is a mellow jazzy number with some fine lap steel and six string bending going on another smokey number before ‘Shazam’ puts the full stop on what is a most excellent record it twists and turns like a river flowing with rock n roll as it twists and turns and leaves gold deposits at every bend and as the listener navigates his way down to reach the end is exhilarating and rewarding and with 100 influences peppering the veins of the songs this will easily be near the top of any end of year top album list no doubt about that.

‘Collectiv’ should excite you as it has me. what you do next is a no brainer, click the link and place your order and let ‘Collectiv’ hit your speakers like a bomb going off you can thank me later but for now do the right thing, go on you know you want to.

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Author: Dom Daley

Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind album launch gig at the 100 Club with Vive Le Rock

To celebrate the release of our new album, 'CollectiV', we’re playing a special Vive Le Rock-sponsored show with special guest musicians and DJs at London's The 100 Club on Thursday, March 21st. Tickets are shifting fast so get yours from Early arrivers will also get entered into a draw to win goodie bags. See you there!

Geplaatst door Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind op Vrijdag 15 februari 2019