So when this band appeared on the RPM radar with a debut four-track EP and coming outta Jersey where previous favs have cut the mustard we thought we’d hit the play button and check em out even if they do exceed the facial hair rules around these parts but hey, rules are meant to be broken and punk rock isn’t meant to have rules so cut em some slack right? Right. So where were we? oh yeah, Jersey and hipster bearing cassette tapes so you might be forgiven for thinking. Well, don’t forget not that many moons ago Jersey gave us Baldy Long Hair and The Disconnects and Crazy And The Brains all hailing from New Jersey so Daddies are go!

‘She Sings’ kicks off proceedings like The Who jamming on The Ramones and if there is a Jersey vibe going on then its in the DNA With plenty of noise and a catchy hook with what amounts to a really great song and its got handclaps so its a no brainer for me and who doesn’t love a gang vocal and some woohoos?

Next up ‘Heart’  is a steady thump on the floor tom and way to go as the guitars jump in away we go.  It sounds as if it was recorded with very few if any takes or overdubs and its all about capturing the moment and the magic that just taking a deep breath and hitting record brings and boy have they nailed it.  Sure they’re not reinventing any wheels here they’re just playing some great garage punk rock n roll and giving it as much love as possible and we certainly like that round here.

‘Die’ is a little more aggressive,  but I love it and the sound to the melody and the right amount of snot is bang on the money from the Damned like guitar breaks after the lyrics to the chorus it’s excellent.  How do you follow that punk rock chaos of ‘Die’ well with an acoustic strum of course but fear not punk rockers it doesn’t last.  Once the band joins in we head out the door signposted fuzzy garage exit here and hell we like it and it shows that Daddies have variety and can shake it up.  As this is a little taster RPM gives it both thumbs up and hope that it’s not ‘Goodbye’ but see ya later.  We want more and we want it pretty soon so if you could oblige gents we’d be delighted to give it a spin and show it off… Oh and have a shave its a good example to the kids and it causes mummy to have a rash.



"She Sings" by Daddies – BTR Live Studio [ep781]

Daddies is a super fun garage punk ‘n roll band from New Jersey. With catchy hooks, sexy rhythms, and lyrics you can’t help but get down with, the band is an instant good time. They invaded Serious Business Music in Brooklyn to give us a sweet full-frontal assault on our senses in this session.Daddies EP is available now on cassette from King Pizza Records.Listen to the audio podcast for more music and interview:

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