‘Monkey Head’ is certainly a curious title to kick off your debut album but once you get into it Jimmy B might just be onto something like the song whilst not having the best sounding song ever certainly has some appeal and a well-crafted song it is too.  Jimmy B comes out all blazing but I can’t quite put my finger on who or what they sound like, Whereas ‘Tallulah’ is up next as it slowly gathers pace towards the chorus its got a neat piano and has a touch of Nick Cave about it but there are also elements of 70’s glam rock going on too. It’s a brave arrangement especially coming so early on in the album.

the songs are fairly long in the main and ‘God Is Here’ is straight up pop song with a processed drum sound keeping the beat steady as a piano drives the song way before any guitars join in.  As they do along with a choir of backing vocals it’s certainly a brooding number and as we reach the chorus we keep waiting for it to break out but it doesn’t which I like as it falls back into the verse. ‘On My TV’ is an out and out Rocker whereas ‘Numbers’ sounds like Gary Numan grooving on a Bauhaus song with the lo-fi effect on the vocal works well as does the songs drive. As you know what’s coming its sub prime time Marilyn Manson with its tapes and sneered vocal style, best song so far.

‘Just Like You’ is an out and out ballad with some gentle piano chords its got a touch of Him or maybe 69 eyes when they do the lush big ballad numbers a decent arrangement and well delivered. ‘We Are Fire’ again has pop tones and a real commercial edge. To take this album home there is another commercial Song ‘soul Savers’ as it clocks in with a progtastic five minutes although I’m not sure about using synth handclaps when real ones work much better.

All in all its an attempted big production album that doesn’t always hit the spot but it does have its moments and I’m sure as the band finds its identity they’ll be better for it and as they settle into a more sympathetic production job the songs will sound a lot better.


Author: Dom Daley