Coming out of Italy this three-piece peddle a loud incendiary blend of fucked up dark blues with a very healthy amount of Garage rock thrown into the mix. I guess a glance at the artwork isn’t going to tell you much either so the band has the job of letting the music do the talking. ‘Still I Am’ has a rough house Cramps backbeat and outta the Jon Spenser envelope this really gets motoring with appropriate amounts of feedback and howling background noise that motors this opener on.  It all gets a little clearer as the songs unfold because The Gentlemens can rock it up and kick up a good old shitstorm between them.

Having not come across the band before I was open-minded as to what to expect but I trust the fact they’re on Hound Gawd! is something of a pair of safe hands to be fair because they don’t do shit records and before the stonking ‘Sheltered’ had properly begun I just knew I was going to enjoy digging into this record. A lot of passion and enough power sees the band really motoring and they just ease through the gears on ‘Shamelove’ which has some fine guitar slinging.

With a slightly more commercial edge ‘Let You Die’ could and should have wide appeal.  The foot stomping doesn’t dissipate as ‘Out Of Here’ really ups the temperature with a fine riff and maybe a little too much cowbell! What? I hear you shriek how is there such a thing as too much cowbell? Man its just an opinion! I love the snake oil salesman ranting on the vocals its a really good tune and as it makes way for the funkier ‘A Second Coming’ which has shades of INXS if I might be so bold if they turned the distortion up a notch or three.

As we get balls deep into side two the rockin’ doesn’t relent and neither should it. I love the blues vibe dished out on ‘She Made Me Hard’ as the band sound like their easing back like a hot rod rockin’ and rolling machine and know they’re onto something here.  there is no big lazy ballad here to end the set but they do kick back into one of those smokey Dylan and the band kinda jams on the album closer ‘Sin-Love Prey’ and a mighty fine way to end the record it is too.  I entered this album with an open mind and no preconceptions and found my reward was waiting on the pick up of that old six string.  ‘Triage’ is a very strong album packed full of really impressive songs and if you’re looking for a band you probably haven’t come across yet then grab this with both hands and you too can rejoice to the Rock n Roll Gods for another slice of rock n roll goodness. Amen Gentlemens Amen!