Don’t say we never have off the wall Rock ‘n’ Roll or we don’t go the extra mile for you good people because we certainly do. Weird Omen is a garage rock trio with Baritone Sax along with Guitar and drums being the weapons of choice for Weird Omen.  The sound, however, is a shimmering slab of Cramps meets Fuzztones meets psychedelic garage if there is such an axis. Sometimes it’s chaotic sometimes it’s trippy sometimes its killer but depending on what mood you’re in I guess will be the deal breaker.

I love the slow groovy blues harmonies of ‘The Goat’ but I haven’t got a clue what the fuck it’s about but I suspect it doesn’t matter one single Jott. The album kicks off with the echoing head fuck of Baritone Sax honkin’ like a good un as the guitar and drums join in and take you on a walk through some choppy waters. The song builds and builds and gets you in a right trance. It sets the tone and I love it.

I do think you have to be in the right headspace for a bit of Weird Omen as sometimes it can get overwhelming and the sound can take you under but the garage goodness of ‘Please Kill Me’ is most welcome anytime. ‘Earworm’ races like ‘Fortune Teller’ on jazz fags and acid.  By the time you hit the ’60s tinged San Fran psych of ‘Out Of My Brain’ if you’ve done it in one sitting then you’re doing exceedingly well.

Clocking in at just over half an hour I liked it I wouldn’t say I loved it but it certainly has its moments in both directions. I would however go and watch them live no doubt about that because in the moment I reckon they could be awesome with all that sax appeal.  Go check em out and see for yourself.




Author: Dom Daley