Now expanded to a four-piece Old Firm Casuals are back with a big sounding Rock record no make that Huge sounding record. Sure they mix it up a bit but the riffs are like Duffy when he was on his DC Electric tip and this is more of that Cult from Electric era riffage than aping old Oi! greats but there is plenty of punk and Oi! to keep the masses happy sure there is but OFC are more than that and this record is proof of that.

Lars voice might not be classicly trained but his stories are compelling and there is passion aplenty in there and the tone of this really lends itself to lars style.  From the spikey top to the skinhead boots and braces OFC is more of a melting pot than a lot of people give them credit for and this album proves that.

Classic rock riffs and handclaps to rapid hardcore blasts ‘Holger Danske’ has it all. From the opening horn blowing this might just be the bands finest hour. ‘Get Out Of Our Way’ takes no prisoners with a brutal full bloodied left and right hook straight from the off. It’s like Venom and Motorhead playing some Oi! and Punk and the breakdown is rather tasty.

‘Motherland’ and its heads down lets fuckin’ ave it! Is a bit of a foot stomper with swirling keyboards and a trademark Lars vocal.  Some great backing vocals that get the blood pumping. Then back to the big riff of ‘Pendulum’, perfect to get any dancefloor a bit messy and some great lyrics.  The riffin’ on ‘De Ensulum Uve’ is more Angus than Hetfield but only lasting for just under a minute it sets the tone rather nicely for the title track and its acoustic guitars which wasn’t something I was expecting but it was a welcome trade-off and only adds to the grandness of the song and again Lars tells the story and you want to listen to his tales from Denmarks history its something that works really well..

They continue to raise an eyebrow as the street Rock and Roll of ‘Casual Rock and Roll’ is anthemic and fist pumping. There’s time for some AC/DC riffing on the intro and this will get the blood pumping. It’s a simple tune and the chorus will no doubt get the crowd singing along.   There’s always time for a quick blast of hardcore street punk and ‘Traitor’ is that song.  Short sharp and fighting for its space in an already really good and diverse record the band moves effortlessly from style to style whilst keeping it all smooth and like it belongs on the same record.

Another instruments intro or short interlude is ‘The Golden Fall Pt 1’ which leads the band into the hard ‘Thunderbolt’ which riffs like fuck coming over more Hetfield or Body Count than some straight up street punk or Oi! which is what sets these boys apart that they are prepared to take that risk and if a song needs to be heavier then so be it to be fair ‘Overdose On Sin’ is more early Slayer complete with Moon the Loon drumming before the guitar shredding begins and its heads down and see you at the end with a fuckin’ huge sound its rapid and menacing and that bass thump is excellent.  There are no prisoners taken here its shock and awe all the way. Driving the pace of the song to be one of the best tracks on the whole record.  Great stuff!

It only leaves ‘Nation On Fire’ that sounds most like it could be off a Bastards record and to end ‘Zombies’ is a slower more menacing introduction before gathering pace and it’s a melting pot of several styles and they’re all stitched into one cohesive blend that makes this band different and this second album very listenable indeed.   ‘Holger Danske’ still lies sleeping and if he wakes and needs a soundtrack to go into battle then maybe he could give Lars a call because the OFC have got some tunes he might be interested in. It doesn’t matter if you’re a metal head or a punk rocker or boots and braces type of guy this album might open you up to other styles and the bottom line is Lars and the boys have hit the bullseye because ‘Holger Danske’ is game set and match and easily their best offering to date. and Lars that is one fierce Donkey Jacket fella you are rockin’ it big time.

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Author: Dom Daley