Heavy as a sledgehammer but with plenty of melodies to help digest all that groove.  This Swiss trio sound like a dozen bandmembers as they lay waste to your speakers with a riff – after – riff after motherfuckin riff. sure there are times when they’re going for it they sound like their influences ‘South Is The new west’ has shades of the Soundgarden’s and sludgy Audioslave for sure as the band build the song around a ridiculously heavy fuzzy riff.  If your listening to Jimmy Page and maybe some RATM then sure why wouldn’t it come out in your songs? ‘Golgotha Beach’ being a good example and case in point.


One of the good things is ‘Hey Satan’ keep it short and don’t dwell on a riff or elongate a song for the sake of it whilst they whig out. that’s important to me if you like the short sharp shock and aren’t impressed with guitar noodling anyway.  The growling Therapy meets Lemmy meets ‘Show Me Your Teeth Fucker!’ is excellent and as they turn the amps up they also soup up the engine and go for it.  There’s also a bit of Rollins band here maybe in attitude at times whilst the Zepplin influenced ‘Prayers Are For Cowards’ is a side step rather than a progression Before the band take this record home the title track is a heavy stoner groove and closing the album is the longest song on the record clocking in at a shade over four minutes – its a catchy groove that climbs and falls nicely and rounds of a really impressive record.  Not something I was expecting when I read the Zepplin and RATM references. but don’t always believe what you read (unless it’s on RPM of course)  Something for the weekend sir? turn it up tune in and drop out these Riffs are gonna get you.



Author: Dom Daley