If for no other reason than playing some Four Horsemen on RPM we say Rest In Peace Frank C Starr gone but never forgotten around these parts. Frank first came to notice in Sin a band from New York before moving to the opposite coast and getting the job fronting The Four Horsemen who released a four-track EP before signing a deal to record and release ‘Nobody Said It Was Easy’ for Rick Rubins Def America.

The group became notorious for their lifestyle, total Rock and Roll attitude and constant run-ins with the law, and in 1991, Starr was sentenced to prison for his drug use. The following year Starr again landed in prison for a maximum term of one year. Following his release from prison, the group talked about a possible comeback, but on September 27, 1994, tragedy struck when Ken ‘Dimwit’ Montgomery succumbed to a heroin overdose. The tragedy was too much for both Haggis and Pape who called time and quit the group. The remaining band continued  adding a new bassist and drummer, and releasing there next album, ‘Gettin’ Pretty Good At Barely Gettin’ in ’96 on Magnetic Air Then In the meantime whilst waiting for the album to get released, tragedy struck the group when Starr was hit by a drunk driver while out riding his motorcycle down Sunset Strip in Hollywood, 

Their legacy is one EP and one absolute killer Rockin’ album ‘Nobody Said It Was Easy’ with the classic line up followed by the second album that wasn’t too shabby but a much-changed line up. Sadly Frank never woke up from his coma, and eventually died on this day in June 1999. Rest In Peace Frank you rocked man.