The Empty Page returns with a powerful new single, “He’s Very Good At Swimming”
A song that Kel (singer, bassist and lyricist) tells us is written about the injustice of victim blaming.
To write something so challenging… and tough and vulnerable and honest… is truly courageous. I love The Empty Page’s refusal to turn their back on darkness… crafting it into something that can be shared and dealt with. Something so beautiful and scathing makes people feel less alone.
That, I believe, can be so important.
The song is as close to art soundscape yet direct confrontation, dissonance and pure- purpose-gorgeous melody as I have ever heard in my life.
Taking something harrowing and brutal and meeting it head on fearlessly like that… it’s stunning work.
That whole band winds together down a path where most would find themselves lost.
I’m gonna say it. The word. Important. We are lucky artists like this exist.
Yes, as I said, it’s a challenging piece. But if you play this blaring through your speakers and then don’t feel like you are two inches taller and stronger… your mind clearer… then I’m not sure we can hang out.
Crystalline arpeggiated guitars that stand right up to scream along with powerful melodies and some of the best play-in-the-moment drums. What a special band this is.
Manchester has given us another great band. Support ‘em. They aren’t gonna let you down.
Author: Rich Ragany