Where do I start? First time I came across Riskee and the Ridicule was when a link to a video appeared in my inbox, interesting Hmm, then an email from a cracking PR company we deal with and a simple do you fancy reviewing the LP? “Absolutely”! Said lp duly arrived in my inbox. But being a stream you lose a little bit. I’m sure most of us that review are a bit old school and streams in fairness have nowhere the power and intensity of a CD let alone the vinyl offering which opens the sound right up.


So after dragging in the different format and putting the  CD into the machine the first thing that hits me is the power and intensity of “Accelerate” what a fckin tune, fusing punk, hip hop and just a little bit of a grime edge, at times reminding me of  The Dead Formats, listen to the guitar sound wow!!


Next up the rant overlaying” KABOOM” is everything you look for in punk music the message ripping out from the speakers, like Akala on Crystal Meth!!! All the time, that intense guitar noise hitting you full on, you can’t help but smile. You can just see the venues exploding and the temperature rising and rising, this is as hot and sweaty as it gets!!


Nothing can maintain the intensity and we go all Wonk Unit like with Our time before the bars spit out and you’re up and bouncing around again, Christ this is a tasty LP. Then before we have time to breathe we’re into Body Bag your Scene pretty apt because this is crossing genres all over the place, tearing Hip Hop and Punk a new sound, Body bagging the scene indeed, killing it stone fckin dead in reality. This is probably my fave on the LP, there’s a little bit of Ice T’s Body- Count sitting within this one.


Next up Black White and Grey, has a hell of an act to follow and it just doesn’t bother it changes the feel there and then, picking at you, all the time that intensity holding back constantly threatening to explode not as in your face as its predecessor. In the dark we dwell again hints at something just a little bit different, putting drug use into perspective the story ripping out of the speakers, painting an inner city picture we all know too well.


Sellout really belongs on every body’s stereo, again painting a vivid picture of the state of the nation, and by now you need a rest, I can’t wait to catch these guys live promoting this LP.


Millwall Brick/Glasgow Kiss takes you right back in time to a time when proper geezers looked after their own, a terrace anthem in its own right.


Burning through Sex. Cut your teeth (another top tune) and for old times sake there really is no let up this is a blinding lp and before we know it we’re into D.I.Y closing the LP down


This is rapidly growing into one of my favourite new releases of the year!! A top tip for LP of the year, music just doesn’t get better.

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author: Nev Brooks