‘Take It Out On You’ is 1990 Bored! E.P. Which has now, On this release been expanded by adding a bombastic and brutal take on ‘Iron Man’  to complete these sessions from that year; it features Tim Hemensley on both Bass and Vocals. Australias best exponents of loud over the top Rock and Roll!

Its dark – mysterious – dirty;  Detroit dripping Australian Rock and Roll at its absolute finest.  Perfectly marrying that Stooges fuzzed-out – Fucked up reckless Rock and Roll with some of Australia’s finest like Birdman and a clear understanding of punk rock and at the sharp end of the Grunge explosion along with the likes of Mudhoney they get all that Detroit influence.

From the opening ‘Conquest’ you certainly get the impression of a band who’ve left the tape rolling inside a studio with no windows or air-con and a band who are just playing harder and harder.

It’s a killer collection of full of wild riffage and attitude soaked vocals. ‘Mr 10 Percent’ is everything you wan tit to be.  Purposeful, angry yet just being under control and even when the solo takes off it never sounds like they’ve lost control.

‘Sweet Charity’ is pure ‘Funtime’ era Stooges with its stretched out jam vibe and seven minutes of sonic excellence as it assaults your senses on several fronts.  Its a heaving angry jam and played loud is a Godsend of Garage punk Rock. the title track, however, has a handle on a more rock n Roll Misfits kinda vibe rather than being just punks they take the Garage Rock route.

There isn’t a huge body of work behind the band but there is a history of quality and Bang Releasing this on the back of 2016 ‘Piggyback’ compilation is a pretty decent place for you to start if you’re new to Bored!

Side two of this album starts off with my favourite track on offer here ‘Final solution’ has a huge throbbing bass chug and sort of mashes up some Jon Spenser Blues Explosion with some of that Detroit Action Rock n Roll and absolutely own it.  I love the chorus and the laid back tempo and groove of the song is exceptional. ‘Motherfuckin’ Motherfucker’ is like Iggy fronting Motorhead and as far as attitude goes what are you expecting considering the song’s title?  All killer and no filler is about the best place to start.

‘Iron Man’ is heavier (if that’s possible) imagine if Sabbath were a punk band weened on VU and the MC5 rather than UK psychedelia. It does, however, sound like a whole world of fun and I’d imagine more than a couple of stubbies were downed in the making of this racket and when the tempo changes someone is certainly channeling their inner Kramer meets Iommi and that’s always a cool place to be.

If you like loud guitars and songs with a great sound in the Garage Punk hard rockin’ style than fill yer boots you’ll love this bad boy.

To be fair to BANG! Records they have pushed the boat out as far as Bored! goes and have plenty on offer over on their web site.  BORED! “Get off my wah-wah and suck this!”, BORED! “Piggyback”, 2LP, BORED! “Negative waves”, LP-CD, BORED! “Junk”, LP, BORED! “Scuzz”, 2LP, TIGER BY THE TAIL, S/T, LP-CD (Featuring Dave Thomas on vocals and guitar)and to complete the set ‘Take It Out On You’ is here. Buy it
Bang! Records Here

Author: Dom Daley