Tell us how you guys got together what’s the common musical ground?

Craggy: I was out here in Brno playing a few acoustic shows and was introduced to Veronika by a mutual friend of ours – an interesting writer called Jan Sestak, who recently wrote a book with Tony Prince about Rock ‘n’ Roll in both Britain and Czechoslavkia during the Soviet Era. About a year after we met I’d grown quickly bored with the acoustic and took a punt by asking Veronika if she’d join me in making some noise. She’d been to a few shows and I thought, why not? Turned out it was the best thing I could’ve done.

Veronika: I studied in Brno and I was going around to different shows and gigs. In a pub, where we used to go with my classmates to see the great rock’n’roll DJ shows Jan Sestak, there was an acoustic show of an Englishman called Craggy Collyde. I went to see it and loved it! I truly admired Craggy’s music, I loved the songs… then when he wrote to me after four years to play drums with him, I almost fainted, haha.


Is there going to be a bass player or second guitarist added?

Veronika: One day, maybe…? We don’t say no to a new band member.

Craggy: Well, a bassist is likely, if they can get down with the balance we have – we’ve got a great relationship here. A second guitarist? One is too many, and that’s just me!

Tell us about the single ‘Sorry Now’ and how you put it together?

Craggy: In some ways it’s one of the easiest songs I’ve ever written. Certainly the lyrics, before a little tweaking. I have two good friends who were separately going through complicated times, and although they are nearly 20 years apart, they were both looking at the past. Nostalgia does strange things to one’s perception. I guess both songs on the single (the b-side ‘Go Ahead and Break Me’) are about nostalgia from various points of view.

Veronika: Yeah, the song Sorry Now went quite smooth, it asked for the drums I play there, it was ready in a few rehearsals… the same for Go Ahead and Break Me, that was great fun to play – and still it is! We chose these two songs for the single to best represent the music we do at the moment.


You also got a local artist in for the striking artwork on the sleeve. How did that come about?

Veronika: It’s Craggy’s credit…

Craggy: Yeah, the art is done by a friend of mine, Amy Chapman. She’s an incredible artist, so I was pleased when she agreed to provide us something for record.


You’ve recently injured yourself. What have you done?

Craggy: Veronika pushed me down the stairs because I got the opening chords of ‘Sorry Now’ wrong. Broke my wrist. We had to cancel all our gigs and she’s the one who’s sorry now – she hasn’t eaten for three weeks…

Veronika: Obviously that’s not true.

What about playing live, how is that going to work?

Veronika: I enjoy playing live even though I am quite a shy person. As Lydia Lunch said – performing is where the magic happens.

Craggy: Well playing live isn’t working right now! My wrist should be repaired enough to play our next show on 24th August in Kosice in Slovakia. We’re two-piece, but as one friend told me – our two-piece sounds bigger than most four-piece bands.

You’re living in Brno, and Veronika in Bratislava. What’s the scene for rock and roll like there?

Craggy: It’s better for having us in it! There are a few good bands here in Brno such as our friends Supertesla. Brno is a place full of great musicians and we’ve got some excellent venues such as Kabinet Muz. The scene is developing. Veronika is at the centre of all things Bratislava…

Veronika: We have some great venues in Bratislava that bring punk legends and also local bands often like the Randal club. It seems to me the scene is quite big here for hardcore or metal fans, but also punk and rock’n’roll scene is quite decent. Some new great rock’n’roll bands are being put together recently, as Parketový lev or BOX.


Is there a decent rock and roll community there if not where do you get your fix?

Veronika: As said, usually it’s Randal or eventually one has to travel to Vienna, Prague, Brno or further away to see some artists that don’t perform in Slovakia. There are local venues in other cities in Slovakia, for example Mariatchi club in Nitra, Klub 77 or Bosorka in Banská Bystrica and I can’t wait to explore them more with Craggy Collyde!


What next with regards to recording? You recently uploaded pics of working with some other musicians what was that project for?

Craggy: Yeah we’ve been recording in an incredible studio in Brno – at Divadlo na Orli. It’s actually just one song we did for a group of producers who are studying at university here. I have no idea when it will be available. We’re planning a new EP though – the songs are chosen and near ready. Just have to get my hand out of this cast.

Veronika: Yeah, our next step is to focus on recording – we have a couple of songs ready and can’t wait to put it out!

Do you write alone? What about collaborating with other players?

Veronika: Craggy writes the songs…

Craggy: Well I tend to write most of a song and then we finish it together. I’m not a perfectionist. I’m too impatient. So I rely on Veronika to sort it out.


Any chance of an album? What about live dates back in the UK?

Craggy: Yes, definitely an album. We have some possible support for it too. We have something to iron out and we’ll look at next year. As for the UK, if we can find someone to help us out back there and someone to tour with then sure. Otherwise we might just pop over for one or two shows. Don’t know when yet.

Veronika: That would be absoluty awesome to play some gigs in UK.

Anything you’d like to add?

Craggy: Buy our record and give us a hot meal.


You can pick up a copy of the single Here

or email if you’re in the UK