Four years on from the release of our last album ‘Funland’, we now have thirteen more tracks of sleaze-punk-n-roll insanity with all the subtlety and refinement of a boot in the jewels or something like that as Kingcrows hit you over the bonce with no subtlety but plenty of volume and catchy chorus’ that can and will bounce around your head.

From the off their cards are on the table – fast as fuck – loads of fun – some great Green Day riffage loads of Ramones friendly lyrics and chord changes and Lee Terry smashing the fuck out of his kit for your listening pleasure.  That’s ‘Psycho Radio’ in a nutshell.

To be fair that’s pretty much the aim throughout.  the kingcrows love punk rock and loud guitars and sing-a-longs and therefore why wouldn’t they make a record crammed full of more of the same. Its got some rock muscle in there just for the craic and throw in some goofyness and you have yourselves some Babysitters humour and Rock and Roll added for good measure.  To be fair the world was a simpler place when The teenage idols walked the earth so why wouldn’t we love a band who want to sing about ‘Car Crash Cadillac’ or loving themselves with some twelve-bar played fast and loads of sing-a-long harmonies.

‘Vic The Vigilante’ has a great big riff and easy on that cowbell Mr. Terry (you’ll break it). The Ramones made a living out of this stuff and why not? ‘City Kids’ is like a fucked up and bastardised ‘Tie Your Mother Down’ on the riff then its pure Yob rock – Ave it!

Heads down for a bucket full of fun as ‘Bum Notes And Feedback’ slam dances into the cheeky ‘Z List Celebrity’. ‘Saturday Night Rock City’ turns it up to 11 before ‘One Night Only’ ushers in some Wildhearts vibes and starts slam dancing into what FD4 were trying to achieve a few years ago. ‘Do What You Do’ starts off with some serious hard rockin’ intro before a subs like low slung verse mixed with a cool chorus. Possibly the best track on the record and I do like the breakdown there’s never enough bass and drums rundowns in punk rock.

With (unlucky for some) thirteen tracks on offer, there are no slushy ballads there might be plenty of borrowed riffs and chord changes but they dig deep into the bag of influences from the glam punks of Hanoi Rocks to the hard Rock of The Wildhearts and classic punks like the UK Subs there are plenty of songs that tap into a long line of punk rockers and I like that and Kingcrows do it really well to be fair. You bring the beer and These four will bring the tunes ‘Brute Force And Ignorance’ is a right tidy piece of punk rock n roll and that’s not always an easy thing to achieve. Nice one chaps!



Author: Dom Daley