Rising stars  Trampolene are forever on tour it would seem after finishing one support tour they head off in the old tradition of doing the rounds themselves and with a live show that is a fantastic showcase for their talent and always a sweaty heaving mess, there is something special in the air.  Not content with being on the road the band also managed to record a debut album ‘Swansea To Hornsey’ to much critical acclaim only to quickly follow it up with a double album of singles and other cuts in a bold move the band is certainly doing things on their own terms.  If that’s not enough to put most bands to shame frontman Jack Jones also found time to record his debut solo single which he released recently via the pledge platform.  RPM thought it was about time we let you lot in our this exciting band from South Wales so we caught up with Jack for a few quick words before he was out the door for another round of live shows.

How pleased are you with the reception ‘Pick a Pocket or Two’ has had?
Very pleased to be honest – I suppose it is quite amazing to be able to look back at all the songs you’ve put out and realise they weren’t half bad.

What about the reception the solo single has had?
Couldn’t have asked for more…I was so glad that people took it to their hearts for what it is…just moving forward and expressing myself for the good of Trampolene and not the end of the band!

How do you decide what you put on a solo release rather than using it for the band? Seeing as your material is quite eclectic anyway with Poetry, the loud guitar songs, and the gentler ballads? Are they songs the other two didn’t fancy?
I usually write all the solo stuff in a different way…in a bedroom studio with my friend Mike Moore…so it’s easy to know what fits where…

Joking aside, are we to expect a full solo album? How do you approach the recordings? Do you write the songs complete then present them to the boys or is it a more collaborative approach?
I think there will be a solo album…I’ll just keep on writing…

Trampolene works in all sorts of different ways…sometimes I’ll have a song completely done and sometimes I’ll just have a riff…or sometimes Wayne will have a tune he wants to work…but it usually ends up with the three of us bashing our heads together in a rehearsal room to agree on the final structure….

Coming from the same town what is it about moving away in your teens that we all have done but the city shapes us in so many ways it is an ugly lovely town and there is always a pride when writing about the place. What is it that since the begging of time people seem to not be immensely proud of our own like Manchester, Liverpool or Sheffield seems to champion their own.

I don’t know really, we had to leave and challenge ourselves, If I had stayed in Swansea I would be a very different person maybe for the worse maybe for the better.  I heard someone say that the older you get the more you mellow and I enjoy being in Swansea more now than I did 5 years ago…but it’s still not good for my health

Considering Trampolene is one album in do you see it as a brave step putting out a double album with a big varied track list?
I just see us a great band – and all great bands do a double album at some stage…don’t they? We just had the songs to do it now, so we did it now…no messing. This was also a way of showing that we are already past the difficult second album and also ending the first chapter of the band.

Your heading out on a support tour then straight out the door headlining that’s a fantastic old-school work ethic that many bands won’t take the chance on these days is playing live what its all about for you?
I think so, playing live is your bread and butter these days (although we tend to live off the crusts) but playing live is everything we are about a band…

You’ve done the toilet circuit and played the big arenas and taken to it like ducks to water is the plan to keep playing headline tours as well as support shows and grow it certainly makes the band sound tight yet natural and the smaller shows more intimate shows are something else. I was at the Clwb Ifor Show and it was a hot sweaty experience and the performance was memorable for all the right reasons. It was exciting and the setlist had an audience leaving knowing they’d seen something special happen not something I can say leaving many shows. What have other memorable shows there been for you do you feel it from the stage?
That Clwb show was SPECIAL…god we’ve had so many now…Scala…supporting Liam at Finsbury was class…playing with Peter Doherty at the reopening of the Bataclan…I love them all…and give everything no matter where we are – if it’s in a toilet or if it’s in a big field it makes no difference to me…

What plans for 2019?
Stay alive. New album. New dreams. Have a haircut.

There are a few covers on the new album what is it about The Cure and The Smiths you are drawn to? Any other bands or writers you admire? What about listening at home what bands started this journey off for you?
I just love those songs the guitar and pop of “Friday I’m In Love” and the lyrics for “Please Please…”…I was listening to Elliott Smith and John Grant when I started the band…

Finally, you fancy yourself as a bit of a baller what position do you play and have you got any Trundle like skills?
I used to have the skills to pay the bills…but now I can’t run without needing an oxygen mask!

But yeah I still love a kick about any day.

Pictures courtesy of Daniel Quesada.


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